damn this is tearin me apart.....

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  1. so a few weeks ago i found out someone tried to get me piss tested at school. i didnt really care too much about it. until today when i signed myself out and didnt know the drug dogs were their and i was at my locker and they tell me to come to the office. they say they have to search my locker before i can mess with it i said thats cool ill wait here. they look no problems i leave. go home and find out that my boy has been telling EVERYONE that i got busted. i dont know how to handle this. hes been one of my best freinds since 6th grade. and i think hes the one that tried to get me piss tested
  2. I'd say handle your business with him then, honestly...
  3. Call a meeting. Get the truth. If verified, cut off friendship. Walk away. That's all you need. Getting even is immature.
  4. Whatever you plan to do, violence isn't the answer.
  5. Revenge is usually the immature way of solving problems.

    Talk to your friends and if he admits that he went around telling people that just tell him that it was extremely disrespectful to you and you no longer want to be friends with him.

    Then kick him in the shins, hop on your scooter and wheel home.
  6. If violence isn't the answer, you're asking the wrong question.

  7. im with him

  8. do this, yea yea this
  9. Yeah man, go beat up your good friend because you almost got caught, and are mainly relying on rumors. Listen to everyone on here; learn what really went down, and do the mature thing to do. How shitty would it be to be busted for assault as well?
  10. First, get the facts. Never act on a false premises. Then, when you have the truth, handle your business.

    It was common for people to get their ass beat for snitching in my high school and community, but that isn't always the way to handle it. It's a lot less of a hassle if you just drop the person from your life since they are a good friend of yours. It's a weird situation because it's not often that good friends snitch.
  11. I know why he spread that news, its a high school thing. Spreading the best gossip first is the cool thing to do at that time, even if it is only half true. In high school, the truth is always more hyped up.
  12. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0lv5llZaS8&feature=related]YouTube - N' Sync - Tearin Up My Heart[/ame]

    Haha, the title made me do it.

    On topic: I would confront your friend about this.
  13. I would avoid the dude for a while. Eventually he'll get the picture. But your not teenage girls, you can work this shit out.
  14. OP why is he doing this?

    What does he want from you?
  15. no idea. i havent hung out with him in a month or too because i thought i couldnt trust him but something told me i shouldnt just straight up think that
  16. Get a Bass fish and smack him in the back of the head and tell him "that's for being a douche".
  17. Why the fuck would he even say that? That's pretty much making a lie that doesnt really matter.

    "Yo chuckie got busted everybody." Ohh really? That sucks, perhaps we should go smoke him up or bake him a cake, Im sure he's going through some tough shit right now.


  18. This^^^

    It hurts to loose friends but if he tried to get you busted, shit happens.
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    haha. + rep man. but im gonna stop him first thing tommarow and be like so i heard i got busted. if he starts some shit i'll get violent if other than other

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