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  1. so last night I did what i normally do every night i get finished with homework early, took my longboard out with a joint and skated around campus(i go to a university and live in the dorms.) well i got some shit straight from the club called sour og kush so i was blitzed out of my mind. Well anyways I heard a shitload of cop cars last night real late while I was chillin in my room... Turns the fuck out that two people a hall away from me had a knife fight and one ended up dying, now this is where its crazy, they were fucking girls......

    so this morning I woke up and there was like 15 cops, 8 news vans, a csi unit and all this other crazy shit....

    sorry i just had to tell somebody this crazy shit.
  2. Damn. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure that shit will sober you up real quick.
  3. Holy Moly, :0
  4. Woah, that's intense.
  5. Dude, what school do you go to?! That's intense.
  6. damn thats really crazy.

    do u go to u of a? i want to go there next year.

    at university of colorado an escaped mental patient stabbed a freshman in the neck on the first day of school.
  7. hey, I just saw this on the news. weird kind of
  9. What's funny about it?
  10. I'm not surprised, shits been getting worse and worse since 1990 but thats really intense.
  11. dude i bet they will find either pills or liquor or some form of a controlled substance in their dorm but NOT ONE NUG OF GANJA!
    weed doesnt kill stupid people do...

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