damn this bitch got rocked!!!

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  1. I am so baked. A big ass bowl of resin that takes 3 hours to smoke is rocking my socks off since my tolerance is as low as it's been in a long time.

    Anyway, I dunno if it's my final answer :p There's so many tiny details that could change things, like how does Terry know the Bitch? I doubt old friends would do something like that to each other (both the punch and trash talk), but how else would the Bitch know that Terry used to smoke pot and had "THC in her system"? The 'THC in her system' comment could mean that Terry failed a drug test, but that doesn't make any sense, as she's lecturing the girl. :smoke: Also I think some other (possibly more personal and infuriating, which might be why there's no video before the THC comment) things were said before the video, since it starts with the old lady saying that someone's white trash. Also at the very beginning, the Bitch (I think) says "---used to smoke marijuana together." Maybe it starts with "Your father and her" or something, that's my guess (as i doubt she's said "We used to..."
  2. stop over-thinking things, joint! :p

  3. Never! *waves sword*
  4. Here's my sober opinion.

    If that woman is a teacher, what happened is a student named Terry was given a drug test or something, and was suspended from school. Or punished. Maybe the woman was a vice principal or something.

    The parents come to find out what the fuck is going on, the teacher/principal mouths off that their kid, terry, had THC in her system, etc, and the old grandma who remembers her fun high tokin time, clocks her for being a bitch.
  5. This makes so much more sense to me, now that I've had it explained to me by a sober stoner:D :smoke: :D :smoke: :D

    So, is that your final answer? :smoke: :D
  6. aahahahaha ok ok i have to pass my judgement on this video alright here goes,

    Terrys mom and the teacher get into a heated argument, and the fuckin bitch teacher is saying that her daughter and terry smoked together and terry is a bad influence (while Terrys mom, being the thug that she is, calls the bitchteachers daughter white trash) the teacher somehow found out that terry failed a drug test and she pulled a cheap shot by telling terry's mom. Terry's mom is a hard ass nukka and she wont stand for that bowshieeeuut so she socks the bitch right in her face and immeadietly after leaving the scene takes a shit on the bitchteachers car.

    terrys mom dont play that shit son
  7. That my pedigree chums was fucking funny as hell, thank you for posting Real I have never seenn it bfore. I laughed my ass off. JOE>

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