damn this bitch got rocked!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by thisisnotreal, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Sorry to break it to you, buddy, this was already posted.
  2. she deserved it
  3. *cries*
  4. Holy crap....what did she do to deserve that?
  5. "..has THC is her system"

    I wonder...

  6. haha yeah that had me wondering as well. there has to be a new story on this incident SOMEWHERE online. if anyone finds it, please post the link.
  7. the first part of the video says "oke marijuana together" which ia ssume means, smoke marijuana together... and than i her the, thc in her system.... and the word, hunny... and then the mother pushed in and smacked a ho! lol
  8. I have no idea the story behind this, even google video doesn't include a source link.

    But that bitch deserves to be knocked the fuck out. People who dicipline other people's kids while the parents are right there are douchbags to the highest degree. She might as well have been bitching to the girl's mom that she's a bad mother. It's unfortunate that soft punch to the face was all she got, but then again, she wasn't bitching too much.

    From what I gather, it's a school field trip with a parent as a shaprone (spelled that wrong :p ), and the teacher and probably that old bitch next to her caught or think the girl is high and decide to do the typical reaction of snotty old bitches: bitch about shit they don't understand.
  9. haha i couldn't agree more, but i don't think that punch was very "soft"

  10. Well, she got decked in the face and there didn't seem to be any bleeding... and since the nose bleeds pretty easily if hit (and I thought it seemed like she hit her *right* in the nose), I figured it wasn't *that* hard. Maybe it was. I can't tell :p

  11. Maybe she'd had some major facial reconstruction done with plastic replacements... and plastic doesn't bleed... :D

    Geez! What the fuck am I saying?! Who in their right mind would have plastic surgery to make them look like that?! :D

    I'm dyin' of laughter here, guys! Make me stop!!! :D :D :D :cool:
  12. sweet video, like some1 else said already she needs more than a "soft" punch to the face
  13. she looked pretty shocked...but then again whou wouldn't be after getting punched?
  14. yeah especially by a 40 year old woman.

    Hahaha, there are some people that if you're arguing with, it's almost expected... but i dont think anybody, even that young girl saw it coming.
  15. I watched the video, shocked the first time, then I watched it like 12 more times, then busted out in laughter and sent it to everyone on my buddy list, great video.
  16. haha thats what i did to, i was shocked the first time.. then i just replayed it and replayed it then just busted out laughing haha
  17. Ok, I just got high for the first time in a few days (damn dealer being dry, now I'm smoking resin :( ), and I watched it over and over, and I think I have a better idea of what's going on:

    The woman who hit the Bitch is named "Terry", and the Bitch says "Terry had THC in her system" while looking at the girl and pointing to the woman who's about to punch her, which makes me think she's not talking about the girl, but about the mom/grandma (can't tell age). Here's what I think happened:

    The Bitch knows Terry from a while back, and the Bitch catches Terry's daughter/grand-daughter doing something (probably smoking, but it doesn't matter) and starts laying into her and probably blaming the mom (Terry), while talking about shit that Terry used to do, like smoke pot: "They used to smoke marijuana together, did you know that?". I believe that because the old lady who says "She's just white trash" is probably hearing these awful stories about Terry for the first time. So Terry knocked that Bitch in the face.

    It may not be what really happened, but I like closure on stories like that, so it helps me :)
  18. This makes so much sense to me, now that I've had it explained to me by a stoner who just got high for the first time in a few days and who had time to think it over! :D :smoke: :D :smoke: :D

    So, is that your final answer? :smoke: :D

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