Damn Thing Won't Flower! WTF!?

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  1. Hey guys, sorry it's been a while, I've been really busy. Anyway, right now, in flowering, I have White Widow, a Dolce Vita clone (GREAT Sativa strain, highly reccommend it) and Power Africa....

    The Power Africa is Durban Poison x Skunk #1, I've heard there are variations of Skunk, the one this came from was an Indica version. This plant was put into flowering on July 3rd. Over a month ago. It has a lot of Indica qualities, large leaves, VERY wide growth, etc...but it also is growing very tall. This plant will NOT stop growing, even though I successfully topped it! there are now 2 tops growing up, but its also growing wider, it's now wall to wall in my 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 8' closet. It's almost squeezing my Dolce Vita and Widow out!

    Now, all would be well and good if it would just start flowering! It's been in there over a month, and about 2 weeks ago I DID see some pistils forming, but they just dried up and are now little brown things....The plant is continually growing at a quite rapid rate, and WILL NOT start flowering! I've been using the foxfarm line of nutrients as always.....Also, the Dolce Vita (A NEAR PURE SATIVA!), which was put into flowering on July 13th, is well into flowering, many pistils and upward growth has all but stopped.

    I have never seen anything like this. Whenever I put a plant into 12/12 the MOST time I've ever seen a plant take to begin flowering, Especially an indica hybrid, is no more than 2 1/2 weeks!

    So, here are the facts:

    Strain: Power Africa
    Time in Flowering: 33 Freakin' Days!
    Light Cycle: 12/12
    Soil/Ferts: Foxfarm
    Temp/Humidity: 85 degrees/50% Humidity
    Other: Saw pistils forming 2 weeks ago, quickly withered and died. Plant continues to grow as if still in a 24/0 cycle.

    If anyone can think of ANYTHING that I might be able to do to force flowering or whatever, please let me know!
  2. i've read too much nitrogen can delay or halt flowering .

    i had a similar thing happen to me wish i could help you more:(
  3. Perhaps, but I have been using the foxfarm flowering nutrients for over a month...I can't imagine that there is too much nitrogen in there...when I get home today I'll flush it and just use water. We'll see if that helps.
  4. i had 2 sativa dom bag seed plants that i put into flower at the end of may. And yeah im had the same problem one plant grew insane i top it and it continued to grew like 7 feet tall i had to kill it. The other plant i tied down at like 4 feet and its still flowering, its like barly budding but it has lots of pistls forming. It probly gonnna take atlest another 5 weeks to finish.
  5. Yeah I topped it so upwward growth is now pretty minimal...I dunno. It's really weird especially since this is a commercial strain that's rated for 8-9 weeks of flowering. Should be half done by now.
  6. Ya it sucks to wait longer than u have to, My early sativa are like done flowering, they only took just over 7 weeks so im gonna harvest this weekend. Im just gonna put my bagseed sativa outside somewhere to finish flowering for the rest of the summer haha. hopefully it does better outside!
  7. Cut the lights for 24 hours or cut the lights down to like 10/14 or less. You could also super crop the branches, it will help slow growth. In your cause super crop the grow tips most of them. Just go for small wounds nothing major. Its strange both its parents are early finishers.
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  8. Can you give me a link or any advice on supercropping that's a bit more specific?
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    Yea wtf I'm in the same boat. I'm feeding Fox Farm Nutrients and I started flowering on July 1st and still no sex / flowers on their 12 / 12 cycle but i've got Northern Lights instead. I stopped their nutes 2 weeks ago but maybe I need to alter their light cycle....Idk what to do they just like you said grow taller and taller. I didn't want to start my own thread because I thought I was crazy.
  10. Hey man i got a plant which is 3 weeks into 12/12 with no signs of sexing. Its a battle trying to make room for it lol. I super cropped 2 of my plants and it worked realy well so give it a try!
  11. I tried supercropping it. See, the plant was already topped, and what I did was went around the plant and twisted every major branch until it "popped" and bent it over about half way up the branch.

    This was about an hour ago, and the plant seems to be surviving. We'll see if it induces flowering.
  12. That wont make it flower that will keep it short till it does flower. You should cut the lights down to 10/12 till it starts flowering. Then put it back on 12/12.
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  13. if i were u id jus put it outside and let nature take care of it. unless its not an option of course. i once crossed a rhino and widow n i planted the seeds in august (where im from i can practically grow year round n get buds outdoors, rio grande valley south tx) the bitch wasnt ready till march. she turned out to be more sativa than indica but it was worth the wait and it grew just like you said i topped her but she jus kept growing up n out after that i had to keep topping that shit on top and sides
  14. If thats her picture shes flowering already,but she needs a trim bad.you trying to grow leaves or buds?get rid of all fan leaves on branches.keep only the fan leaves under the branches and those real close to the bud.just like a tomato.and do it every week.when its too tall bend it and tie it down
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