Damn That Was Some Fire..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Blazin Jamaican, May 4, 2006.

  1. Ok well I'm from california planet of the apes, home of the purple kush home of the grapes. Kk well I go to my across the street neighbors yesterday at like 3:00 and we are just chilling. He smokes one blunt but I decline on hitting it. Well we just chill and the next one we roll I'm like fuck it I'll hit it. Just to let you guys know this was Bubble berry from the cannabis club. Well I'm pretty high and then I started laughing my ass off cuz well first they show me this little foil pipe they made and I'm not a crackhead so I dont really fuck with home made pipes. Well I guess they lost the foil one and then my friend is like wtf well atleast we got this one and pulls out the soda bottle I was hella laughing. Well I leave with another friend that was there to the store cuz its only 2 blocks away. So he is high too and we are hella high in the store. We come back and roll another 2 blunts and we smoke that. Well by this time I'm hella high and walk back to my house which is right across the street and smoke a cigarette. I walk in my room and sit down and everything is like spinning. So i'm tripping the fuck out and I just pass out. I woke up at about 11:30 i said fuck school i just gotta goto the doctor to get an excuse but damn that was m,y wednesday..

    fucking illinois!
  3. Yeh I'm with you, fuck Illinois.

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