Damn Sony!

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  1. I have a ps3 and I took a day off work today and wouldn't you know it, your not able to sign it today due to maintenance. Don't get me wrong i love ps3, but this shit happens all the time Sony just sucks I'm about to go trade my PS3 for a 360. Mad :(.
  2. upgrade to a Nintendo 64.
  3. SEGA!!!
    Dude chillout PS3 is way better than X Box graphic wise and I just like the overall flow of it rather then X Box. And the internet is free.
  4. :) The only way to go haha

    Get into some classics while Sony gets their shit straight
  5. I dont think you wana down grade to Xbox an pay money out the ass . Just wait a few hours should be back up .
  6. I have a PS3 and a 360 and the 360 goes through things like that too man its not just the PS3, I'd recommend getting one for some games and stuff but if you don't need it stick with the PS3, just wait a bit. It sucks but it happens.
  7. I have both systems. They are both hooked to the same tv and use the same type of connection, I have played the same game on both a few times. Xbox has much better/smoother graphics. The PS3 is a much better system but they don't utilize all it can do. I have only played a few games where the graphics are similar or the exact same. I would rather pay $50/year for my xbox live and not deal with any downtime. Each have their strengths, however I have found the Xbox to be a stronger system.
  8. Except new systems are coming out in December...and I def think you are wrong whe nit comes to xbox having the better graphics, I have had xbox 360 since it came out, and my buddy has had the ps3 since it came out. At first, xbox 360 had much better graphics, but now, the games coming out on ps3 kick 360's ass. Don't bother switching at this point

  9. You're saying that like Sony intentionally made shitty games in the beginning of PS3. That makes no sense since they had to compete with M$ from the get go.

    I have both systems and can't tell the difference when it comes to graphics.

  10. Sony doesn't make most of the games anyways. When ps3 launched, Sony was a bitch to work with as far as the developers come into play. Their graphics and games took awhile to reach the ps3s full potential. Xbox 360 killed the graphics straight from the launch. Look at the ps4 release video the very first thing they mentioned that they fcked up the ps3 by not directly working with the game developers
  11. I miss the good old days when you didnt have to pay to unlock characters..
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    All the time? Is it the new battlefield 3 update? so excited if it is, I dont pay attention to that stuff all I know was March sometime.

    If it is, expect not to get it until tomorrow or late late tonight.
  13. Just wait for the PS4


    But forrealdoe. I love my PS3 and would never trade it for a 360.
  14. Yea I saw a sign in gamestop that said 360s for 100 each. I considered it for a minute, then thought of how much of a waste it would be.
  15. What sucks just as much is when you haven't played your PS3 for awhile, get all excited to relax and game. Then find out you have to install the latest system update, which takes atleast 2 hour on average.
  16. Fuck the consoles gotta have the PC
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