Damn Son.

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  1. Well if yall remember my last thread heres an update.

    I got called in to work to be "talked to" got fired for absolute major league bs, then go home my dad had a stroke (hes ok now) and my girl still be ignoring me....:( Today has been absolute shit. Im goin to get fucked up on some caribu lu and call it a night.

    Good vibes to my fellow blades
  2. good luck with life man. we all know it's hard out there and if you tough it out it can only get better. eat some mushrooms over the weekend like me! you'll have a blast and the introspection will be a nice way to put things into perspective. :)
  3. Man life can be shitty but always remember life can be worse.
    You could be livin my life.
    Good luck to ya, hope everything goes well.
  4. I dont like to trip when my life is not going good. I like to trip on my free time when i have a job and nothing to really worry about
  5. lol sorry just trying to help :(
  6. I agree. I like to trip only if all my bills are paid and I got money in my pocket, green in the vape, etc.
  7. Smoke a doobie and ponder.
  8. I no yall dont wanna hear this but i tried killing myself yesterday. Opiates.benzos.alcohol, and coke and im still here :devious:. Im ready to journey into the next realm as i can no longer stand this life... I love life but im sick of it... idk mane my mind is in the gutter send some good vibes my way blades im not thinking straight at all......
  9. Man keep your head up. You can always talk to me on IM, here or call me dude. Things'll turn out better in the long run
  10. hop on aim barnkis i wanna talk to u
  11. man dont be sad get glad:)
  12. Dude don't do it.. We'll miss you..

    Just try to hang in there.

  13. you can benefit from a trip in the right mindset
  14. If I was heavily depressed, and all of those events took place in my life all close together, I'm sure I would have a horribly bad trip, even if I was in the right mindset.
  15. And he's obviously not in the right mindset with all that shit going down.

    that said, mushies helped me get through some things, but it wasn't a great experience

  16. i guess its just how i seek enlightenment in life. after i got arrested for like .3 grams of regs and trying ot eat it in febuary i dropped acid for the first time. after my friend overdosed i tried DMT. but i guess i didnt get the drugs intentionally, they were just in town at the time, but the trips were still good, cept for a few parts on acid, but it was my parents fault
  17. I use Mushrooms for the same things, I'm saying it probably wont be a pleasant experience.
  18. yea lifes a giant acid trip and im fuckein fdrunk as shit off that caribulu feelin reallyt good sorry for the bad wtitng lolm im shit facred:D

  19. sig worthy. facred???

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