DAMN! Smoking in the Dark??

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ssdssd, May 26, 2009.

  1. I smoked in the dark for my first time ever last saturday. (It was the second time smoking in the past month so I was pretty stoned) We turned off the lights and smoked 3 bowls of mids while listening to pink floyd..man what a great sesh! I listened to the whole "wish you were here" album. The song "Welcome to the machine" is especially creepy when you're high but it gets sweet after about 2 mins. I noticed that the music sounded a lot more real and I was trippin out a lot easier in the dark. Has anybody else smoked in the dark?
  2. I prefer being in the dark while I'm high. Don't know why I just like it better, more enjoyable
  3. I get too paranoid when I'm smoking outside in the dark :[ one of my friends trips hellllla hard in the dark though.

  4. Not outside- Indoors with the lights off.
  5. *shivers* I haven't gotten over the last time i smoked in the dark, i was torching the bowl in a shed behind one of my buddies house, and i got this really shitty taste in me mouth, so i step outside for a sec, and what i found, i was burning a fucking moth, that had landed on the bowl without my noticing.
  6. Ya man, that's when i let my mind take over and have nothing to distract me.
    Trippy as fuck. Sometimes though I'm with my friend and his 360 and we
    turn on the music visualization thing and listen to Floyd and Zeppelin works just the same.
  7. smoking in the dark for me is great just cause you feel like a ray of hope in the all the dark
  8. Blehhh, thats fuckn funny n groudy as hell +rep for funny happening :D
  9. Fucking love smokin in the dark, 'specially listining to some good music on a nice surrond sound system
  10. Thanks for rep, ya it was sicker than hell, but from then on it was joints and blunts in that shed
  11. I gotta do this shit tonight.
    Blaze and listen to some Steel Pulse:smoking:
  12. when im high, i dont like being in the dark. it makes me feel like im not high... sometimes, no matter how much weed i smoke, i just keep feeling sober in the dark. but if i tunr on the light... i instantly become BLASTED

  13. gross as hell haha good one tho
  14. poor moth :(
  15. Yeah, I love smoking the the dark, it's a very psychedelic experience.
  16. Yea dude we used to smoke in pitchblack garages all the times. Also there was a blackout a while back, we were just walking down main streets rolling blunts in the pitch black.
  17. I never though to smoke in the dark...definitely gonna try it, though.

    Welcome to the machine is HELLA trippy, man. good choice :p
  18. Smoking in the dark is amazing, gotta be a joint or blunt though, it seems like bongs are too hard to light if it's pitch black. It's so completely relaxing though.

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