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Damn Sister

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kaos, Jun 1, 2003.

  1. Well its saturday night and I decide i want to go smoke a few bowls. My sister gets a bottle of thinkin..oh shit shes gonna get drunk off her ass again and talk nonstop to me. Well she eventually goes off to talk about how she has been finding used condoms in the trash and shit from mom and dad still having sex all the time and saying how she thinks she heard them the other night. Anyways I was discusted at first and it started to ruin my high but then I remember I always throw used condoms away in the trash in the other rooms and she uses coke daily and she always thinks she hears shit. Damn..not something I really want to talk about right when im done smoking..

    oh yeah i think im gonna go download dave chappelle videos over kazaa..hes hilarious
  2. damn ive never heard shit on coke, your sisters CRAAAZZZYYYY
  3. she stole 10 bucks from me and didnt admit it..she used to be a heroin addict..she better watch herself around my shit..thats all i got to say
  4. drugs suck hardcore
  5. lol that sucks man, i wouldnt wanna hear that shit either! shoulda introduced her to the back of your hand... J/K!!! lol peace

  6. Haha. Funny stuff. "still havin sex" like ewwww oh my god old people havin sex. lol. I bet your parents are boinking right now!
  7. oh yes the thought of that gets me wet

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