damn security guard

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  1. So i live in manhattan, i went to seaside and smoked out of an apple, i was enjoying my self looking over the river with a beautiful city view....it was perfect..than after my 4th hit...i hear a "hey kid!"
    i see a fat ass security gurad just waking up to me....i could hear him breathing and he started to sweat,
    i was considering taking a hit in front of him before i left......but than i saw him reach for a walkie talkie and i ws like ohhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt..... coz i noticed a a cop car a few streets up so i just took off
    anybody know a safe place to smoke in manhattan
  2. your house?
  3. ummm

    Your house?
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    You probably should have drowned him.

    Suggesting violence is not allowed! 420
  5. Hahahaha thats awesome, its like a big "fuck you fatass" to the security guard. Funny shit.

    I live in manhattan, midtown east. Its pretty slim pickins as far as safe smoke spots in public. I have smoked a couple times over in Tudor City where you can overlook the east river and its pretty mellow if youre quick about it.
  6. fat boy just wanted a bite of that apple :p

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