damn school cops

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. Alright, I got this friend, and today our little school wannabe cop called him down to his office thinger (basically a janitors closet). I guess he basically told him that he reliable sources that say hes done coke, meth, shrooms, ether, and pot. Now, the kid smoks pot, and hes tried ether once, and i don't think he's even done shrooms. So then he tells him that he is going to call his parents and tell them and that he isn't going to do anything and he'll let his parents deal with it. He says he got off easy...

    This is fucking bullshit right? Couldn't he sue him for slander or somthing? I mean, the fucker just basically ruined this kids life for at least a year, he has to go to rehab and all this stupid shit, and all for some drugs he has never even done!

    any advice as to what action we can take? I already made a petition for everyone to sign at my school (which they will, this guy is a real ass), because I didn't want him to get in any more trouble.
  2. well...i mean its too bad he would fail a drug test otherwise he could be like "ill just take a test" and shut em up...but since he would fail hes basically fucked...yeah that guy is a dick....remember last year with those pills?? lol
  3. ah yes, that was crazy
  4. I dont have any real legal advice for you, except don't mess with schools. They operate outside a lot of laws dealing with this sort of thing. Basically, the law, at least where I live, says that however the school punishes it's students is the schools own buisness. So, if you have a problem with the school, you have to settle it in a hearing with the principal, who is not likely to be on your side. And the principal at my school is a complete faggot, so I've even heard of people getting in even more trouble (i.e. insubordination) just for complaining about their punishment. Again, though, this is where I live, so your local laws might say different.

    I'm not saying your friend couldn't sue the guy, but if he did, he'd have to prove that the cop's statements hurt him in some way, and proving that to a court isn't easy. If he got piss-tested and they found out he'd been smoking, that wouldn't help either. And who's gonna pay for a lawyer? If he did sue and won, the cop could make his life miserable, and then what would he do?

    Personally, I'd just find out where this cop lives and trash his place real good!
  5. these school cops are they real cops? or are they security gaurds.

    anyway that is some fucked up shit cops in schools i have never heard of this shit has it always been this way?
  6. well its all over now, the kid is to much a pussy to do anything about it and he will probably be shipped off to rehab or somthing.

    I'm still pissed though'
  7. yeah man a lot of ppl around here are gettin busted for shit....think about nick...that really sucks for him huh?
  8. Sounds to me like you and some other people need to fuck hes car up slash hes fucking tires key the fuck out of it
    and wear gloves when you do it Fuck him if hes going to do shit like that fucking ass hole.

  9. I second that motion. Just make sure he knows WHY it's being done.
  10. ya what shade said. there's no proof.. unless he caught him red handed (and red eyed).. there's no proof. by his reasoning you could say he snorted meth and then he'd in trouble. wtf? that makes no sense. the cop should follow the rules.
  11. yea man, i think at the very least he should make him call his parents and tell them he lied or some shit.

    I'm not going to slash his tires or anything, because I don't like getting in trouble, and i always get caught when i try and do shit like that

  12. Yes he has, several times.

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