Damn...Reggin needs some lady help

Discussion in 'General' started by Reggin, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Alright, you guys have all seen this before, but I normally don't put these up. BUT, keep in mind I'm totally fucked up right now.

    Alright, so me and this girl, let's call her...Z; have been hanging out literally all day every day until about 2 or 3 in the morning. She'll flirt with me randomly. Sometimes she'll sit all up in my shit on the couch, the next day she'll be in the chair across the room. Last night we drank a case of beer and smoke about a quarter and passed the FUCK out. Like seriously, we passed out hella early in my bed. and I wake up to her being gone sleeping elsewhere. Ok, whatever. Then she comes back in at 4 in the morning to sleep with me again. I wake up at 7 and she's in another room. Her consistency in how she acts is horrible. I can't figure anything out. Help me GCccccccccccccccccccccccccccc. -smokes ANOTHER bowl- :smoke:

    I apologize if that was grammatically poor or made no sense at all. Hung over and high as fuck. :|
  2. sounds like you need to determine whether or not you two actually have a "thing" going on. seems like nothing has been declared so neither of you know what the other one wants and both are being unwilling to say anything about it. communication is key. without communication, there is no relationship.
  3. Yes, I thought about that, too. But I remember the first night we got really fucked up and had a good conversation, and she told me how she would always hang out with a guy and he'd end up being a dick, but she never wanted to be in a relationship with them anyway. Blah, I dunno. I'm just paranoid about looking like a Class-A dumb-ass confronting her about the situation. Because I really haven't gone out with anyone since my last girlfriend, and we were together about 4 years, so I've kind of lost my "game" so to speak. She's still asleep right next to me, I dunno. I bet I seem like a helpless love-sick teenager, lmao.
  4. ha, yeah pretty much. best solution is to not attempt anything while high. i know it sounds crazy, but it'll help. if you're high, you're gonna be too nervous. if you're totally sober, you can feel and SHOW (most important) confidence a lot better than you would after cashing your bong. showing confidence is what lands the girls. some guys mistake this for being an asshole. the reason some appear as assholes is because they are very confident in what they're doing. some take it over the top and then start to head towards that asshole category, but the two seem to be confused. just don't come off as the needy one. if you're gonna be the man in the relationship, you gotta act like it. it's a game that must be played.
  5. ^^ You hit the nail on the head on what the other dudes have done. The thing is, I'm TOTALLY off from every other guy she has ever met. I'm one of the most chill and understanding people you will ever meet. Albeit I may be a tad bit weird, but that's ok in the end, is it not? I just got done packing this bowl, I have her friend over here and I'm going to discuss it with her. Z (the girl in the topic at hand) is still passed out.
  6. Maybe you should tell her how you feel because most girls won't make the first move, perhaps when she woke up and moved she didn't feel like she should be sleeping in your bed? But she wouldn't in the first place if she didn't like you a little bit ;) You should know that much at least!

    If you're spending every day with her, she probably does like you, well that's what I do when I like a guy, I spend mad time with them :p
  7. Yeah she probably likes you but she doesn't want to make the first move like jollyroger said, she probably just didn't want it to be awkward when you both woke up so she moved. Just talk to her about it when you're comfortable. Even if she doesn't like you, at least you'll know .
  8. what so while your sleeping shes leaving the room finding other places to sleep?? and then coming back??--I would tell her to make up her mind lol

    she will sit all up in your shit one day?? and across the room the next?? --If you want her to sit by you, say "hey come sit by me"

    I mean..all you asking is for her to sit next to you...just ask. I mean, if she'll sleep with you im sure she wont have a prob sittin by you. She probably just gets in and out of your bed at night cuz shes "confused" i dunno haha super high :smoke:
  9. take her out on a real nice date, then ask her to be your girl friend, since you guys havnt done anything physical yet but you still show a lot of interest and care for her, she will probably think your a really great guy

  10. what she said
  11. it sounds like you may be stuck in the dreaded friends zone. i say next time she seems interested just look in her eyes real deep, tell her how beautifull you think she is and brush your fingers across her hair and cheek, if shes receptive just go in and kiss her. chances are youll be in. girls love that shit and even if she says no at least you know where you stand. thats better than being hoplessly bewitched. good luck man.
  12. Hahaha, that's funny, she has short hair. And I normally hate short hair. But it's hott for some reason
  13. well go get her dammit! next time you see her. i expect an update by tomorrow how it went. reach down and grab a pair son!
  14. yeah short hair is definitely a turn off but some girls can pull it off
  15. "I'm not ready for that yet"


    Turned down.
  16. damn man sorry to hear that. gettin shot down is never fun. she said yet tho so maby in time it will work out. what exactly did you do b4 she said that?
  17. damn that sucks dude, she's probably confused about what she wants, that happens to girls sometimes lol

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