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Damn Police

Discussion in 'General' started by Alliance, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. So my friends dad bought a house the he is going to re-model and sell. and untill he sells it my friend is going to live there...But anyways, last night we are there just chillin and playing some super smash brothers minding our own business...not smoking yet.. While we are playing video games, 6 cops bust in and tell us to all get on the ground..while we are sitting there we are all thinking WTF is going on? So the cops think we broke into this house and we are smoking "dope" so after they were being dicks and we made them look stupid by proving them wrong...thety try and say sorry for their mistake, by busting in and treating all of us like shit...So after the leave we light a bowl of dro and smoke it up...

    Cops in Dallas are such dickheads...
  2. lol. thats cool.
  3. That's actually shite, stupid mother fucking cops.

  4. i ment cool how they got away with it and did it after the cops had gone
  5. I know you meant that but the fact that cops bust into his house for no reason makes it SHITE.
  6. If you really want to stick it to the cops, you could sue.

    No warrant = illegal breaking and entering.

    If nothing else, report those fuckers to their superiors. Cops who think they ARE the law need to be put in their place when they break it.
  7. cops period just seem to be dickheads.

    allthough I am sweating that ticket I just got ~~ frikkin cops.
  8. ahhh lovely orcadian cops... barely do anything and when they do they normally suck... they do have bloody dogs at the club tho... can you get arrested for kicking one in the face ???

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