Damn Police!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. Yesterday i decided to finally get my truck on the road again. I need to get it inspected before it can be insured, so i was going to town to get a day permit, then i would take it to the from there and get it up and ready to drive!!

    but my plans went horribly wrong! On the way there, lights! Beeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooow. Yippie. Get slammed with SIX HUNDRED DOLLER ticket!!! FUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKK!!!!!

    So yea, im pretty pissed. thats a alot of money, i was expecting 150$ at the most...
  3. Damn Gina, but thats canadian right?
  4. yeah, its canadian, but i have no job to earn me any canadian money! soon ill be flat broke. fuckin hell.
  5. Ahhhh!!!!!!

    If anyone feels like sending a dollar to the "Adam Waters is a Broke Asshole Fund" please ask and ill PM you with details....
  6. i had to buy munchies that im eatin now
  7. just explain your situation to the judge and you may get it reduced or something. If you were in the process of making it legal they may take it easy on you.......but they may not.

    good luck.
  8. i dont know how canadia works, but you should take it to court. around here, 90% of the time the ticket is dropped by at least 50% of the cost, usualy they will let you do a payment plan too.
  9. yea thats my plan.

    I figure if i go in and tell them im really poor (which i am) and that the 600$ ill be using to pay the ticket was MEANT to be spent on getting my insurance itself, and that in the midst of legalizing my truck i got the ticket, im sure theyll go easy on me.

    Plus theres a good chance the officer wont show up and itll get revoked.

    the "Adam Waters is a Broke Asshole" fund is still open for donations though.....
  10. That sucks dude ... hope it gets worked out ... i've had my car towed twice in the past week ... $160 each time ... I really ought to start parking legally, hehe.

  11. Keep going to court and pleading not guilty for a while. Then go one day and plead guilty. Then they'll reduce it to "failure to obey traffic signs." Worked for me.

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