Damn people at the city talk hella shit now

Discussion in 'General' started by roorexpert2, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. Thinkin they all hard
  2. fa sho\'

    i rollz uP in da clUb and bust shots wit my 9 milli
  3. who what where ya gotta give me more info
  4. who is talking hard at the city? Its marijuana people RELAX!
  5. you joined like 15 days ago, what are you talking about? its been like this ever since i joined. its not the OG\'s here, its the newb\'s that dont know how to respect someone.
  6. I dont see many thinking they\'re hard anymore, I think the city is getting cleaned up after all, the new people are learning more respect and the older are starting to be more helpful rather than saying \"use the search button\", when a simple explanation could resolve the matter.
  7. Well, I was wondering what you could be talking about since you are so new here and then I checked you out and what do you know...you\'re a formally banned member that keeps getting banned over and over.

    It\'s quite apparent that no matter who you come back as, the City just isn\'t for you.
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