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damn! Outta papers no pipe. What should I do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Beautiful Mind, May 19, 2009.

  1. I got weed, no papers and my friend is borrowing my pipe.
    What should I do now :(

    I'm thinking water bottle but ehh not my thing.
  2. make a makeshift gravity bong, or use some receipt paper as rolling paper. it works well
  3. go to the store and buy papers?

    or hot knives lol
  4. Tin foil. Won't hurt if you don't do it often.
  5. Coke Can
    Gravity Bong
    Pen Pipe
    Waterbottle Bong
    Hot Knives
    Hollow out a cig

    Light the weed and trap it under something then use a straw to suck it out.

    I dunno man smoke some weed and think of something ;)
  6. An apple Pipe
    You stick a hollowed out pen or chopstick into the top(where the stem used to be, remove the stem) going down about 3/4 the way. Pull it out and stick it into the side and keep going until you breach into your original tunnel. Put the weed on the top, and fucking light it up.
    Don't use any foil
  7. bible paper is rice paper the same stuff as rolling papers. Just get a piece, and some honey to stick it. WORKS AWESOME!
  8. Use a bottle cap that is bent in almost half and wedge a pen tube from one of those cheapo pens into the seraded edging. Make Shift pipe!
  9. hmmm... beer can, apple?
  10. Just go to the deli and buy some rolling papers.
  11. Love apple pipes. Really chill easy to make and easy to throw away. You can always eat it after to get a buzz of the resins. :D
  12. copypasta from another thread i replied to, but it applies here aswell

    if your not hard pressed on it being an ACTUAL pipe, then make a lung, take a 2 litre bottle, cut the end off, wrap a bread bag around it and tape the fuck out of it, then, take the lid from the 2 litre, and cut a hole in it big enough to fit a socket bit in it, then the rest is self explanetory.

    also you could make a bucket.

    take a 1 litre bottle, cut the end off again, and then do the thing with the socket again, then get one of those huge motherfuckin double gulp bitches, and fill it to the top with water, submerge the bottle in the cup, and then light the weed as you pull the bottle up from the cup SLOWLY then.... smoke

    also you could make a water fall

    take a 2 litre bottle, and poke a medium sized hole in the bottem, make the socket/lid thing like above, then cover the hole and fill, the bottle with water, light the weed and take your finger off....DO THIS IN THE BATHROOM OR OUTSIDE.... and watch it fill up with smoke, then toke off it

    if your lacking a socket *SIGH* use tinfoil, cut a huge hole in the lid of the bottle, and fashion a bowl outa the tinfoil, if you must, but dont make this a habit.... or do, its your life.

    i hope this helps you out, and i didnt write all these fuckin words for nothing

    remember these words though

    google is your friend;)
  13. take out a page from the bible and roll that shit up
  14. shape some foil into a pipe?
  15. shit yeah with some tying u get pretty decent pipe from vegetables...when i was younger we used to smoke on class trips these apple pipes ...
  16. cut off the top of an envelope. works wonders
  17. Sounds to me like you'd have far less effort involved if you just got up and went to the 7-11 to grab a pack of zigzags...unless you're underage or for some strange reason don't have a dollar
  18. Edibles?

    Buy some papers?
  19. OP doesn't seem to care.

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