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Damn old hag! Now i have to pay $402!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sublizzie, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. So i go pick up my girlfriend from her house and she tells me she wants to get high. She doesnt smoke a lot of the funk, so i wanted to take her to a cool place.

    There's this one little gravel road that's almost, but not quite out of town, where you can see coulee's and hills, its pretty awesome. So i decide to take her there. Bad idea.

    When we got there, it all looked normal, so i sparked my grape paper rolled spliff and started smokin on it. I passed it to her and she had a few tokes. All of a sudden, my girlfreind says "we gotta go!" I looked and her and said "why?" she pointed behind my car and i saw this CRAZY OLD BITCH swinging something in her hands as if shes going to beat the shit out of my car with it.

    I started my engine quickly before she could get any closer, and because i was on a damn gravel road, my tires spun just a BIT...honestly just a bit. I thought to myself "fuck that was close."

    One week later i get a call from a pig saying that they're going to give me a stunting ticket for spinning my tires on the road! Bullshit! This old woman even wrote the most untruthful statement i have ever read.

    Prior to the incodent, my car was broken into and my CD player, subs and amp were stolen, so i had NO tunes. The crazy old bitch said in the statement that was driving dangerously around her house, loud music, loud muffler, and she also said that the "young lady" got in and out of the car neumerous times, which is ALL bullshit. Stunting = $402 + 6 demerits where i live.

    I am fighting the ticket right now, but since shes an old lady im not too sure how i can win, but fuck. I am extremely pissed off about this since i just got fired from my work and have no money at the moment.

    Anyway, thats my story. Crazy shit happens to me everyday, i think ill be posting a lot of my stories here.
  2. Find a better chill spot. :p
  3. damn that fucking sucks
  4. Damn old people, wastin all the social security...
  5. what an old hag
  6. lol i wanna know what her weapon of choice was ..waht was she swining about?... did you see?
  7. lol all u have to say is that ur car was broken into n shit and u couldnt have been playin any music, what could she say? she would be caught in a lie =). fuckn stanky-ass old people
  8. god now thats a bitch........ thats actually really fucked up that you can get a $402 ticket for spinning ur tires... stupid old lady...
  9. Yeah, some messed up shit but damn dude, you know how to tell a good story....that one had me laughing for a good while
  10. Take pictures of the inside of you're car/van. Show the courts that you couldn't of possibly had a stereo. That way, she is caught in a lie and can't possibly win. ;) Good luck though.
  11. Update:

    just got out of court for this ticket, and it got reduced to 287$ no demerits, and it does not go on my record. It was either that or go to trial and try to fight the whole thing, which i dont think would work too good.

    PS. I took pictures of the parking lot she said i was doing donuts in, and of course there were no skids. Also took pics of the alley.

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