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Damn no privacy ass family

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EnjoiKush, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. So, today is my day off, I'm 18, live on my own, but I'm still in school so my family kind of treats me as a kid. My gf is at work and I'm just hanging out in my living room smoking. The thing is, I have no lighter. I was using some candles that I lit on the stove and a tooth pick lol.

    So, apparently my grandma rolls up randomly no call or anything, horn blasting thankfully, so I freak out, blow out the candles, threw them under the couch, and throw my bag and unbagged weed behind the couch (it's a very short walk from the driveway into my house) and put my bong behind it too.

    I'm sure some of you are like "you live on your own blah blah blah why hide it from family" That's cause I'd rather not have a conversation about weed with my grandmother.

    I lost a gram of ground up bud though....
  2. You should have asked your grandma if she wanted to toke up. I would have done that with mine but she's gone now and I'll never get the chance. You never know, you might have had the best time ever with her!
  3. Why don't you just tell your grandma that she has to call before hand if she wants to visit, or visit her at her house instead. That's what I would do and if she still came I just wouldnt answer. My pad would be no place for my grandma what with the stoned people, smell of weed, loud music and people having sex.

  4. She feeds my pets when I'm away. Im a normal person, sounds like you have a crackhouse there sir.
  5. Honestly I'd put a bell on the outside door or the inside so if any movement it will let you know that's what i do in my house
  6. Keep your cool and keep smoking, granny cant smell shit.
  7. I'd have ran straight to the door and locked it. It gives you time to put everything away where it belongs. She probably smelt it anyways, I practically gave up n trying to hide it from my parents.
  8. "Hey Grandma."
    "Hey Kush! How are you do.....what's that smell?"
    "Oh that? I actually bought some incense the other day, but all it did was make my place stink."
    "Yeah, definitely don't buy that again."

  9. Zip and a doublecup, I'm get high as fuck
  10. Crackhouse? Im moving with 2 or 3 of my close friends, of course there is going to be loud music, weed and sex, doesn't make it a crackhouse.
  11. You could have you know, just ignored her and later tell he you were sleeping.
  12. I used to tell people I was asleep or that a friend picked me up and we went to get some food. Usually worked until an uncle demanded I give him an extra key. He'd just let himself in, so whenever I smoked, I would literally look out my window and wait for his truck to pull up. It was really sketchy and made me super paranoid but I never got caught. Then I pulled a switcheroo, one time I pretended I lost the key to my house and he had to give me my extra key back. Never had that problem again. Luckily, he stopped coming by after neighbors started telling him off (he would come over to yell at me for nothing). Feltfuckinggoodman :)

  13. Better than a family with no ass privacy.

    I'm not about to tell you that since you live on your own you can just say "fuck you", it's clear you're trying to keep things uncomplicated. I can respect that.
    However, I think perhaps you need to set some ground rules with your family about random drop-arounds - it's not just you that lives there, and some family members assume relation means a free pass.
    Talk about the ground rules, and this will eliminate or at least lessen this problem.
  14. yeh my parents came to my house when i was high as fuck i pretended to be asleep and they left. Next time i saw them they told me a story about a Friend who went to see their son who didnt answer the door but they could hear him moving around in there. I stupidly said "he was probably on drugs".

    No one has come to my house since. That was over a year ago.

  15. Hell, my grandma smoked weed. In fact my brother even smoked a joint with her once. You'd be surprised.

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