Damn near ready to harvest these girls!

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  1. Hey GC,

    Just wanted to share some pics of my two girls that I'm going to be harvesting very soon:wave: as well as a few pics of my new girls that I adopted a few days ago!

    This will be my second successful harvest and it couldn't come any sooner because I just started to notice very tiny dots of powdery mildew on a couple of the leaves of the bigger one:eek: ...treated with a product called Safer's Defender which a friend of mine has had lots of success with.

    Do you guys think these girls are ready to harvest in the next couple days? I've been flushing for just over a week now

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  2. And on a completly different topic..

    Some of the edges of the leaves on my new girls are curling up or in a wavy pattern.

    Does anyone know what that means? I think I mighta overfed but I'm not sure..

    any input?
  3. what strain is this dude? looks very nice, have u a scope to look at trichs to see if there ready?
  4. Thanks dude! They are both purple kush from clone. I drove all over town trying to find a store that sold microscopes or anything but to no avail.
  5. give it another week week and a half
  6. thanks for the input dude!
  7. i heard radio shack has those scopes, I actually found one at a Fry's electronics store but that thing was too much for my budget. Im ordering one off ebay or amazon when payday comes. Plants look very nice by the way
  8. Here's a pic update from today.. :D

    I think I'm going to chop tomorrow, trying to decide as I write this whether or not to do it..

    What do you guys think? Should I wait the week and fight the mildew or chop tomorrow after 24h dark period? I'm on about day 50-55 of flowering (I think I am anyways haha) Trichs seem cloudy but I can't tell if they are amber or not since I don't have a scope.

    Ideally I would probably wait one more week but this powdery mildew is starting to show on a few more leaves and I don't want my buds ruined!

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  9. Decided to wait another couple days at least haha

    But if the PM gets any worse I'm chopping em down!

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  10. If you can wait a week or so do it. It will be worth the wait. But looking good bro. Nice macro shot.
  11. Nice pictures! You have a week left for sure! Add some molasses 1 tsp per gal of water! You will be impressed how those girls love it and get a little fatter for you.

    I have at least a week before she is ready ( see picture below) DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE so many do by picking her to early.

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  12. Thanks for the input Todderfan:) My camera does a surprisingly good job for being a cheap piece of crap!

    Wow those are some nice looking girls Calgrow! :hello: I bet they are stinking heavily haha mine sure are and they're pretty small.

    I've actually been using molasses with every feed since the buds first started showing and I think it's really made a difference compared to my first grow. What kind of lights are you using in your setup?

    I'm definitely going to take both your advice and leave them for another week or at least as long as I can with this PM floating around.

    I'll post some pics on chop day:D
  13. Your girls do look nice a tight. That's what it's all about! And it looks like you know that by those sweet little buds.

    For my lights I've experimented with them all over the last 15 years. And I found the best combo is HPS 400 watt with 90 watt LED. They seem to love it! I get over 3 to 4 oz per lady. When I just use HPS I get 2 to 3 oz at best. I also have them in 7 gal trash can from Staples office supplies. They are $3 bucks each. Oh and the room is 4x7 for this light setup!

    The more you continue to grow, the more you'll learn. Just be careful with some of the help you see on this form. Some is great advice and others seem to be a joke! They are your girls and no one should tell you how to raise your kids. Advice is good but it only gets you so far.

    Look forward to you final picture buddy. And for a sucky camera, you take good close up shots :)
  14. Haha they sure do have some sweet little buds on them!:D

    Thanks for the lowdown on your setup Calgrow, I'm slowly gathering supplies to build a 4x5x6.5 grow room for my third grow over the summer and I'll keep your lighting combo in mind.

    What kind of LED light are you using? I have buddy who uses LEDs with success as well and he will swear by them haha

    That's crazy that you can pull 3-4oz off each of your plants, that's what I want to eventually be able to do too!
  15. They call it UFO LED on eBay. Just don't get those cheap ones! And get no less then 90 watts.

    Best of luck to you and your adventures!!
  16. Thanks Calgrow!
  17. Thanks! I'll definitely look into one of those


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