damn near died on new years eve!

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  1. alright so check it out. its about 4:00 and im hanging with my friend who just got a car like 5 days ago. we decided to go hand out over at anothers friend house since there was nothing to do until than. on the way my friend decided to get some food. he's driving down this one road thats 50 mph. we were also heading into the direction of the sun just before it set so it is blinding both of us. we are going the speed limit towards an empty intersection. what we didnt know is that the light was about to change and the people on our right hand side were going to be turning left and continue driving on our road going the other way (opposite to where we just came).

    we were just talking about some shit and see the road completely open to us. we can't really see the stoplight due to the sun being in our eyes, much less see that it just changed from green to red. before we know it we are doing 50 and people start pulling into the middle of the intersection, right in front of us.

    I have about 1 second before impact to scream " HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!" before we plow right into someone. they hit us on my side (passenger side) and all i feel is a big ass slam into my side. than i see the airbags go off in front of us (both me and my friend and the person we hit were all wearing seatbelts, thank god) than this yellow, acrid fucking smoke starts pouring into the inside of the car as we are skidding to the side of the road. the front axle was broken. we get over to the side as this nasty fuckin yellow smoke has filled up the car. i try to open my door and its doesnt move right away. i give the door one hell of a shove and i get out. at this moment i wasnt even thinking if one of my limbs was broken or if my friend was alright. the first thing in my mind was if anyone else was hurt. i get out of the car and start sprinting back to the intersection. fortunately no one was hurt. I help push the wrecked car out of the intersection. at this point i come to the conclusion that im alright as i just sprinted 100 yards and pushed a car out of the road.

    In the end, the only injury was a 3 major cases of SS (Scared Shitless) plus the jitters like a motherfucker. both cars are probably going to be totalled, but everyone involved head worn their seatbelts and everyone came out unscathed. it just goes to show you that it doesnt matter how good of a driver you are, how soon you just got a car, how long you have had a car or whatever. you may be in the fight for your life even if you were just lookin for some tacos.

    take care everyone and please be safe. i hope everyone had a much better new years than me, though i cant do much complaining since i am still amongst the living and am even more lucky that all i got out of it was a sore arm the next day.

    peace out :smoke:

    from the desk of that one mahhfukkuh
  2. thas crazy im glad to be able say its good your okay man:smoking:
  3. and that people is why NOT to do the full speed limit with the sun in your eyes haha. but seriously bro gald no one was hurt :smoke:
  4. I view that from the other perspective. The person you hit could've been the most experienced driver out there but there was nothin they could do, In the end good thing you guys are alright.
  5. Ouch... I know the horrors of car accidents first hand, its a dark feeling.. glad youre all ok thats all that matters.
  6. Damn dude, glad to hear your alright. Scary shit/
  7. thats nuts dude....thats why i keep a good pair of shades in my car....especially cause theres a major road where i live and it runs east to west so when the sun is coming up or going down its either in your face or in your mirrors.....

  8. ya thats a great idea, after what happened im gonna grab some shades for my car for sure :cool:

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