Damn my friend got jacked

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Rahzizzle, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. So my friend is probably one of the coolest kids you could ever meet. And also one of the tightest dealers around he hooks me up with 2.5g teeners.

    But anyways it was like 2 weeks ago and he had a fresh QP for sale and someone was going to buy it for 1300 so when he gets there the guy takes out a gun and tells him to hand the bud over. My friend was like "fuck that you bitch" and the guy pistol whipped him and took the QP.

    shits wack
  2. That sucks bro... he'll bounce back though eventually.
  3. well maybe he shouldn't charge so much for QP's if he doesn't want people to get pissed and rob him..... 1300 for a qp? thats over 300 per oz... wholesale.... thats rediculous.

    but yah, that sucks, if he' pushing that much weight he should have some kind of protection thought, because you do find shitty people like the kid who robbed your friend is.
  4. ya dont carry a qp and go sell it to someone without another person with you and maybe a small hidable yet quick access weapon.

    theres alot of shady people out there
  5. I hate people like that, who rob people over weed. Actually, I hate anyone who has to rob people, its so fucking stupid. Its always eople who get hooked on other drugs like H and need money to shoot up again, its so retarded

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