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  1. damn my mom pissed me off. i came home, and if you dont know, i recenty got caught....she started fighting with me about dumb stuff. giving me lectures about this and that. my friend called because he needed some money for the bag we were going to buy, so i told my mom i was going to help him look for something taht i misplaced, went over and gave him the money. was walking back and my stupid ass mom was spying on me......she was on the back garage patio looking at me from across the alley.

    i got really pissed, told her to leave me alone, get the f*ck out of my business and let me be an individual. then she is sitting there talking about how yes... weed is probably less dangerous that alcohal but it is still illegal, then i argued about that...yadda yadda yadda.

    then she was threatening about taking me to a counselor because i said i hate her, she was going to piss test me (she said blood test....) and all this stuff. i just got out of my nova drug ed. classes today (last day, o ya :) ) then she is talking about sending me to more...i told her how i cannot tell her anything and i trust my friends more that her because i can tell them anything. my mom i cannot because i have no clue how she will react, she said i can tell her anything....f*ck, i cant tell her shit without her flipping out. so now she said i am on "restrictions" and i cannot do anything.... she already took my license... that is enough punishment, i cant drive! then she said i need to get a job in the next couple of weeks, it will teach me "responsibity".... this is only because i said when i got caught, that i probably wouldnt have done it at all if i would have had a job and responsibilities, which i wish i hadnt said.

    sh!t, she said that if i were ever drunk and needed a ride because it wasnt safe for me or friends to, i could call her and she will not say anything, she will not bring it up. LOL, she would be yelling at me while im drunk puking on myself and i dont even drink! i guess it is ok if i drink alcohal and i am under 21, but no.... i cannot smoke weed even thought she even admitted that it is not as bad as alcohal and she doesnt know why it is ilegal...? i dont know ill stop rambling. that is how my crappy night went. what do you think?
  2. hmm sounds somewhat like my rents, i wish they would just mind there own fucking business and let me do whatever the fuck i wanna do, worst part is is that my dad still chiefs even tho he wont admit it and he says i shouldnt, fucking hypacrit.
  3. What goes around comes around my young friends ,lol:D.

    Ya parents only care about you ,don,t you understand that ????
  4. Ya but your parents caring for you can really suck
    My dad is cool with me he smokes
    If my mom ever suspected I would get piss tested till I ran dry. Which I think is bs cause she smokes Salvia whatever.

    Getting a job isnt the worst thing in the world it gives you more $$$ for weed.
  5. She's just being a parent. Get the job and earn some weed money and show her you are responsible.
  6. get a job and move out...
  7. When I was younger, my parents used to watch my back all time as well. When I got in such a situation like you did, I made sure not to make comments like F*** Y*** B**** or some of the sort cause it would only make it worse. When it was obvious I was not getting away with it just made sure to talk about like grown ups would do. Just convince them you can take responsibility and know what you are doing. The right approach is everything. It'll take some practise. U've known your parents all your life, so make sure you make good use of that, after lots of arguments I learned how to defend myself and can talk me out of about any situation.

    And I agree with critter about your parents are just looking out for you, one day you will be able to respect that, I'm sure. Good luck and keep using your head.
  8. theres a time and place for everything ... college

    how old are you?
  9. at least your mom cares about you. i know some people who could shoot heroin in front of there parents and they wouldn't care. just tell her that you won't quit but you'll cut back. my mom was pissed but she said that as long as i don't get really hooked she'll be fine with it.
  10. my moms exactly like that but im giving her the cold shoulder and not talking to her... grounded till monday and summer just started! Yes I got caught also.
  11. my mother always used to yell at me i now realize that she was just tryin gto protect me but the thing with protecting your kids is that they dont want to be protected they want to do. the thing about trying to tell any one what to do is that they have to figure it out themselves. no one else can do it for them i learned that fast. she just doesn't want ot see you sink into a hole of jail, hard drugs or death. in my case i not sure of yours but with my mom pot led her to other drugs and she didnt want that to happen to me.
  12. It's pretty hard to believe, I mean, a parent worried about her child getting mixed up in "illegal drugs."

    Sure, that's not the way you and I see it, unfortunatley it is the way the law see's it as well as a high majority of Americans, well, people from the USA.

    OF COURSE your Mother is spying on you and shit, what choice do you give her? You're involved in illegal matters, and your Mom is worried. OH MY GOD, WHAT A FUCKING BITCH!!! Can you sense the sarcasm?

    When you have a few kids of your own and they start doing illegal things then come back here and curse yourself out every time you rebuke your child for wrong or illegal conduct.

  13. Exactly...

    Take it easy on her...
    At least til you move out...
  14. love & loyalty holds a good point ...is it so inconcievable that your mom is worried about you using illegal DRUGS...? lol shes just worried about you...

    sure you know how to use responisbly but to your mom your still using and it doesnt matter how responsible you are... drugs are drugs ..
  15. yeah i read what you all said but i dont know. i just wish she would get off of my case. it has been like this since the begginning. id come home from school, shed ask me how it was, i said bad, then she would ask why and i would explain. then she would get all pissed at me about why MY day was bad. i dont know... that was all of elementary school. i mean she even admitted alcohal was worse than weed. she even asked me "so do you quit? youll never do it again?" and i said no and she freaked out! i told her the truth, i guess she couldnt handle it.... then the next day she asked the same quiestion and she said, "dont just tell me what i want to hear" so i didnt, i told her i wouldnt quit. she freaked out like im doing crack or heroin or something.

    im still not going to quit....i learned a very important lesson....to be sneakier. i need to train in sneakiness so i dont get caught again. :p
  16. "I know you only care about me but we have two options: number one- I say one thing and you go off on a tirade. If I'm honnest I don't think that would work. The tighter you squeeze the more unreasonable you seem. OR option two we can talk this out calmly and reasonably. You know like a real conversation. It's up to you but we've been doing the first one for years and we've never gotten anywhere."

    or words to that effect. She's only worried about you dudeski. Just talk to her and try to be reasonable. On the one hand you are complaining about how SHE never talks and just shouts and on the other you are turning around and swearing at her for shit. If you want a calm discussion then it is you who must lead the way.

    Good luck in any case.
  17. I agree with Switch, and Arceface's post. I think ya either gotta get smart with hiding your shit, and not get caught, or listen to your parents while your under their roof. Either way, hope it works out :smoke:
  18. ummm no dude.... i got caught by the cops not my parents...lol i was in school and they caught me.... ah there is another post i made all about it.

    wow something else happened today. i spent the night at a friends house last night. i guess she got worried because i wasnt home by 3:00 pm........... so she went into my room looked through my drawers, and stuff like that.... didnt raid it, just searched it. she found some fireworks (i think she thought were drugs....?!?) and an empty battery thingy. its a little expresso bean canister that looks like a battery. that had nothing in it. she didnt find my porn..... pipe.... weed..... bong... etc... but still. wtf!?!?

    then she went into my notebook that i draw and write in etc... and she saw a drawing of some pot leaves, eyes all close... etc...really trippy..... just a fucked up scetch. i had God holding like a peace sign and a swastika and she like flipped. she asked if i was a skinhead and stuff. i told her that it is like god creating hate and peace... that is what it means.... she said she was more worried about the drawing than the weed.... i was kindof happy. she also saw my plans for the bongfall im making and stuff.

    Here is a kindof bad part. she asked if i have done any other drugs and i said no. when i started smoking me and my buddies made a pact that we would not do any other drugs, and that is what i told her. She got all happy and stuff..... i think she thought i said we would not do ANY drugs..... and i meant any OTHER drugs.... o well, itll work itself out cuz im not quitting smoking anytime soon.

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