damn it's hot

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by bpatter80, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. anybody else out there trying to grow outside in this 105+ part of the country? we are 38 days in a row above 100 and 51 days this summer above 100. plants are trippin in this heat.had some auto dwarfs outside...they are sooo confused.if you wondered what was too hot , this is toooo hot. Add our favorite crop to the list to suffer this year because of drought. for certain, the most difficult year in memory.
  2. why'd you make another thread of this?? wtf u doing guy, chill out
  3. yep, growing a long season sativa, it's preflowering right now and that plus this crazy heat, showing major signs of heat stress...
  4. If your not worried about stealth. You can make sun sails to shade your heat problem strains. Veggy growers been using them forever.
  5. Are you watering every day in this heat? I figured if you're watering the shit out of them, not letting them get too dry, and making sure they're in the ground or in huuuuge pots, they should be ok!

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