Damn it's a good day...

Discussion in 'General' started by DeeJayBoy, Apr 12, 2001.

  1. Do you guys ever have one of those days where the cards fall right into place and everything is right for you in the world? The cities could be crashing down and fire could be falling from the sky and you'd be totally content anyways.

    So, I have a horrible night trying to sleep. Insomnia + Snoring Girlfriend = 3 hours of sleep. I wake up and feel great for some reason. I have an interview at 9:00am which I was really anxious and paranoid about all week. I feel good. Confident and eager to go.

    I catch a ride to the 7-11 and munch on my staple 'breakfast'. 2 Ham & Cheese Bakery Sticks, a can of Whoop Ass, and a chocolate milk. If you ever consider trying these bakery stix, I caution you... There is a halfhour time period in which these things are edible, never get a bakery stick past 8am in the morning. You'll regret it.

    Anyways, the lady didn't charge me for the Whoop Ass(hey, her mistake, not mine). I eat breakfast and head over one of the MANY buildings this company owns and catch a shuttle down to where I am to interview.

    I get there before all the other interviewees. As they show up, I bump into a few old buddies I worked with before and chat for a bit. I then get to interview.

    Hahahaha. My first interview was with a guy I was sorta friends with the last time I was working here, we bullshit and talk games. He asks me my goals and where I see myself. I then proceed to get the brain teaser right on the money. Heh. 34 minutes roll by very fast. Interview one. Check. I then proceed to interview with someone whom I guess I'd consider a hero. This guy worked on the PS from day one and did a lot of good games. He interviews me and asks me testing questions which I answer well. I then get to test an unreleased title on an unreleased system and proceed to break it!! Interview two. Check. Then I interview with someone else whom I had worked with before! He and I chatted. He was really cool. I then had to test something simple. Lets say... pong. I struggled because testing something simple is a bitch. Anyhow, I test it well, but not great. I state to him, "Testing something simple like this is a lot more difficult than testing something complex." He then stated... "That's the point". A light went on and for a brief moment, I had a feeling of tester zen. Interview three. Check.

    So, I feel great now. Having nailed these three interviews, I know I'll be getting a call either tonight or tomorrow with a fat job offer. I make my way home, get a bit of exercise and enjoy the fresh feeling of a light rain and breeze. I walk past a construction yard, seeing a bunch of dudes working their asses off for about $20 an hour. I can't help but laugh. Not to be a dick, but because I once conisdered going that way. I then smile and continue on home, knowing there's some green jesus waiting for me. :)

    I get home and my cat, Marylin is so stoked to see me. I pet her. Then, there's a knock at my door... Who is it? It's the weed man! A couple of my buddies stopped by and we smoked some bowls. My buddy has some good pot so I ask if I can buy a dime. He says sure and pulls out a pinch of pot. We bs and then they leave to go back to work. I give him the $10 and they split. Low and behold, this dime bag is like, 3 grams! Hell yeah! Sale of the century.

    Well, it's 1:15PM now, and I'm hungry. I am gonna split. :) I just wanted to share this great day. :) Have a great one as well fellahs. PLuR! :D :D :rolleyes: :D :D
  2. Awwww... Yeah... Damn right it was a good day. :) Got it. In the bag. I start soon and will be making good money :) So, I won't be here as often as I had been, but I will definatley stay on as a moderator. :)

    Have a great weekend all!
  3. sounds like an awsome day.
  4. Ok so this may be a very old thread and you probably don't even come here anymore ... but hey just wanted to say that this story made me feel good :) I'm glad for you. Plus, you KNOW a day is going to be good when it's awesome before the afternoon has begun in earnest. Example: waking up around 9 a.m... thinking "SHIT, I'M LATE!" but, aah, you remember that school, work, whatever isn't happening because it's a Saturday. You look over and there's a letter from an old friend on the bed-side. THAT is a great day :D
  5. rofl, how did you dig up this thread man? you just clicked back a hundred pages or so?
  6. ahh man this story made me feel really really happy for some odd reason and HELL do i wanna day like that ... say a good saturday mornin with my GF or something then meet up with boffin and get blitzed .. ahh ... *dreams on*
  7. makes ya wonder what people like that are up to now.
  8. The last few days have been pretty good for me. Actually, the last month has been alright. Some issues with school but I'm trying to get my shit together.

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