Damn, is it a hermie?!

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  1. Hey all, just wanted second opinions on what this is; it definetly has the female flower, but on the higher internodes there seem to be some ball clusters, making me think it's a damn hermie....:confused:.

    What do you guys think? And there is nothing I can do with them right?
    Appreciate the help.

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  2. Sorry dude, you got a hermie. If you really love your plant, you can pick off all the balls very carefully so they don't burst! Good luck!
  3. Hey Bro, i cant really see if its a hermie or not. For the moment i think its to early to tell because alot of times at the very begining its easy to be confused. Normaly the male sacks will be on a little bitty stem from the node area. Right now it doesnt look like a hermie to me. I still think its to early to tell. Thants my opinion.:wave:
  4. Do you think it's worth trying? I wouldn't wanna fuck up the other babes. Wont the male flowers still grow and burst eventually?
  5. Yeah they will burst but I think that alot of the polin will stay on the plant. You can still smoke a hermie but its not going to be as potent or as big as it would have been if it were sensamilia. Another thing is that if you want some femmed seeds that the way to go. I personaly dont have alot of experience with hermies and if I see one in mycrop then I get ride of it.:wave:
  6. Thanks for the help science. I know it wont be a sansimilia plant, but do you think it's worth keeping it growing in another room so it wont pollinate the other females or should I just kill it?
    And are the seeds that it's gonna produce 100% female?
  7. Hey Bro, absolutly move it to another grow site. But If I were you then I would keep it and smoke it. As for the seeds yes they will all be female seeds. Thats the only way I think its possible to get femmed seeds. The only problem you have to worry about is that when you grow with femmed seeds you have a high high high chance of it beeing a hermie as well. They are harder to grow than just finding a seed and hoping its female. Simply because it has the hermie gene already in it. But rock on and grow that shit and then you might beable to sell some femmed seeds because I know alot of people love femmed seeds for some reason. :wave:

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