Damn internet...

Discussion in 'General' started by Trueblade, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Wtf good is it all now? I use to go to youtube, to watch like momentary videos, and parts of movies, and I often found movies on that site that I later bought, ie paid for. Now half the damn videos on the site have nothing to do with what I really give a damn about.

    I own dozens of games, hundreds of movies, all paid for. I have more than paid my share into Hollywood, and continue to do it when I think they do something very well.
    But if I want to watch, say....Over the Top, with Sylvester Stallone, Youtube denies it.... Or at least as best as they can.
  2. The internet has become commercialized because people see the potiental profits in it.

    It has killed the soul of the internet but this death is always ineveitable in any system.

    If people like something, someone will always try to make a profit from it.

    Why offer it for free when we can make money for it? People will pay for anything, even for things as mundane as water.
  3. Fuck Youtube, I gave up on that site a while ago, it lags too much and every other video is a 13 year old failing miserably at trying to be funny.

    Thats not the only site you can watch videos on... If your not retarded with your browsing, you can watch just about anything online without fucking your computer up.
  4. Well, yeah, I been at this since even before the beginning of You Tube. I can always find a way around it. It's kinda the fact that I have to find a way "around it" that gets to be so annoying after a while.
  5. Get out while you can. Google is watching you.

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