damn... im soo worried

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  1. I just started germinating 2 days ago... now i put in a papertowel (3 pieces folded in half, wet but not soaking, 5 seeds put in and folded over.) and put it in one of those lunch holding 100% airtight plastic containers.. now im wondering (since my room is about 84-89 degrees) if that will cook the seeds rather than germinate em... and is 100% airtight a good or bad thing? ive beeen opening it 2 times daily for fresh air and blew some air in too... on top of the towels of course not directly on the seed.. but until the root comes out im gonna be freeking out so someone .. does this sound like the normal germination method or did i already fuck up?

    The container looks like this but its got the blue rubber over the top so it is pretty much 100% airtight.. and im thinking if thats the problem... i REALLY dont want to fuck up my first grow...

  2. My suggestion would be to read the "Germination 420" sticky in the absolute beginners section of the forums.
  3. Just give it some time, i usually use the jiffy container that is like a green house never seen anyone use rubbermaid. The air tight isn't that big a deal, really it is the humidity that you get when you are germinating. Just give them some time takes usually any where from 4 - 7 days.
  4. I usually pop the seeds in a glass of water, the next day anything floating todd (be carefull not to push them under water or they will sink) and take the ones that are at the bottom and put them in a paper towel with another on top. I put warm water on them (if tap water you should let it sit out in the open for a day to let the chlorine evaporate) and put that on a plate and then that wrapped in a walmart bag but dont close it jsut kinda fold the top over. I put this in a shirt and then put that on my computer monitor which keeps it warm and speeds up the germination cycle : ) also you can skip the glass of water trick but if you do it, the sunken seeds usually always germinate.

    hope that helps: )
  5. awesome.. yeah i read germination 420 a dozen times.. i was just freaking out.. thanks for ur responses.. guess i havent done anything wrong yet so 4-7 days it is.. lol

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