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damn im smart

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by trogdor27, May 5, 2011.

  1. #1 trogdor27, May 5, 2011
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    ight so like i was sittin at school and was like "damn i really wanna smoke today" cuz i just got like 1.6gs of some trainwreck. this shit is str8 firee. so i got home from my ride and decided to make an apple bowl cuz i just sold my spoon to get money for some skullcandys.. but anywayz i made the apple bowl, its sick its got a pen thingy for the mouth and i made a carb on it too. but like my mom was home so i couldnt smoke right after i made it cuz shes a bitch. then my sister had lacrosse practice so my mom took her early and i was like yeh its time lehhh go. so after she left i waited like 5 mins for my sister from college to leave. when they both left i went to my garage and got my gear then headed outside to the shed in my backyard to get ready to smoke.

    i got to the shed and had my bowl in my hand and it was alredy packed so i lit that shit and took a bomb ass hittt. i felt high after the first hit but damn i wuz determined to burn like .7. so i took lkie 6 more hits off that same bowlpack and was feelin good as fuck. but i packed another bowl of like .4. After like 2 hits of that i couldnt see str8. but then i look like 6 more and finished it..then i stumbled to my house and put everything away and went to my room and got on the computer but then my mom called and was like oh fuck. i answered and she goes"u want some yogurt on the way home" i was like"yes please sprinkles and gummyworms" then she was like bye. so then i was like fuck imma half to talk my mom when she gets home cuz she got my yogurt. so like i got all paranoid and went and checked where i put my bowl and shit. everything was str8 but i was scurrred. i just went to my pad and chilled listenin to some roscoe dash till my mom got home. she walked into my house and she yelled"come get ur yogurt'!! i went downstairs scared as fuck and i was just like i dont feel good, and just took my yogurt. she was like ok take a tylenol. i was like laterrrr. so then i went upstairs and locked my door. but then i was like "fuck, whyd i lock my door?" my mom could come try to talk to me and shed b like why is the door locked. so i got up and unlocked it and now im chillin in my bed, yeh fuck wit that trainwreck, get wrecked!
  2. i remember when i was 14
  3. just try and act cool when she gets home.. dont try and talk to er to much just enjoy ur yogurt
  4. I've got a plan that's so smart it's retarded- peter griffin
  5. You honestly sound 14.
  6. what the fuck

  7. ...........
  8. That was mildly entertaining to read... kept me on the edge of my seat bruh, I was like OMG iz hez gunna getz bustd or wat?!!?
  9. That's actually funny as fuck son
  10. You're cool broada
  11. Cool story brah.
  12. Dude, don't hate on sprinkles and gummy worms on yogurt, haha, that shit is bomb.
  13. :laughing:
  14. mm yogurt
  15. Guys stop hating he's just trying to tell us about his bomb day with some trainwreck :smoke: who gives a fuck if he's underage?.. But sounds like a great day buddy when I pick up some dank I usually blaze a fat bowl and get on G.C for conservation reasons...

    But for security reasons have you tried your shower? it works wonders for me just steam your room up and blow it out your window
  16. Be honest it was your parents that gave you a ride
  17. Someone had to eventually.

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  18. Your mom sounds like a total bitch....

  19. The Mods/Admin give a fuck. The forum rules specifically say you have to be 18+ to use this site.

    But back to the OP,


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