Damn I Love California

Discussion in 'General' started by threetimeskrazy, May 29, 2013.

  1. I want to move to cali so bad!!!! I am getting tired of NY.

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  2. Yeah I figured. OC sucks! San Diego and San Fransisco ftw  :cool:
    I get smoked out by strangers nearly every time I go to the beach. 
  3. wadup studd havent seen you on here in a min or maybe im just too high when i come  on here lol
    San Jose, San Francisco dunk you very much. 
    SoCal OC is okay. Prefer SJ and SF much more, haven't really had the chance to properly experience SD yet but I'll get around to it. 
    Yeah man you gotta come down here it's fuuuun. We have something for everyone. I love visiting San Fran. Haven't been to San Jose
    but I've driven up the coast from SD to SF a few times. 
    I actually just gave you a shout out in the stoner chicks thread, asking about your leg/ankle/thing but there isn't a mention feature anymore so I just hoped you would check the thread and see it haha. 
  5. I'd rather live in OC any day than the gay ass San Gabriel Valley in LA its pretty wack here lol very boring and gets over 100 degress in the summer.
  6. I'm up in the Central Valley. I love it. It's in the middle of everything and is pretty much middle class. Bud comes cheap and smoking is really the only thing to do around here
  7. Westside LA here, 405 and the 10.  Love the madness.  Sunny city full of shady people, but if you find a group of good people you stay tight.
  8. I went to school in SD and lived there for nearly 6 years, it's cool but I found it to be pretty similar to OC.  
  9. So I live in Indiana, and I'm going down to San Diego for Christmas (woo-hoo!) Any idea where I could get some green? :)

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  10. Yeah, I love Cali too. I'm probably moving back after college. Arizona is too hot.

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