Damn I Love California

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    Everything you said aside from the bigotry thing is correct. But erm.. AZ has just as many latinos as California. Might wanna move further north or west. 

  2. And which part of California do you live in? You have described America, not California.
    Better move to another Country.
  3. yes, please do
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    Dont think they ever mention Cali... http://thinkprogress.org/health/2013/03/01/1640851/states-teen-pregnancy-rates/?mobile=wp

    But def both states that he recomended are in top rank atm for teen pregos.

    Cali ftw, I love my state and here to stay.
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    I lived in so-cal for 19 years lol and if you want to live and hang around white people that isnt a problem. Shit move to Santee in san diego where its 82% white people no joke. You probably just live in an area you dont like. I also just moved to arizona this year and ill tell you theres alot more mexicans and pregnant teens.
    Your probably just pissed about something and this goes out to Smokehound

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  6. Caaalifornia loooovee!
  7. there's a reason it's called "Klantee"... lol
  8. I'm not trying to pick on you or anything g, but the way you posted it original post made me think you enjoyed the drive by shootings. I love Cali to, I've been living here since I was three years old. Hopefully I'll get to go back and live in SD in the near future. Everything else you were talking about is the Cali lifestyle. You've got my stamp of approval. Stay up playa!!!
  9. There are plenty of areas in California where you will only find white people, if that's what you want. You only have yourself to blame if you haven't relocated. Personally,  I love the diversity of California. People of all races and backgrounds make for an interesting experience. 
    But yeah go move into a senior community in Arizona...
  10. lol look at these people lashing out at me.

    you can say whatever you want, but im not racist.

    overtly pc people crack me up.
  11. You set yourself up for it.
    I just read all the posts and not ONCE did anyone say you were racist but in every single post of yours you say "I'm not racist" or "call me racist all you want". Get over yourself. No one cares if you are or are not racist you just sound really fucking immature and insecure.
    lol fuck the 405 I went 7 miles in 2 hours on that freeway once...
  14.  Whatever you say :rolleyes:
  15. i love it as well
  16. Cali is tight, but its really expensive. unless you want to live in the dusty dry desert, you'll be paying 1050 a month for a one bedroom in a decent neighboor hood. the people here are pretty annoying, I just graduated, but most of the people in my class were annoying swag fags who had huge ass plugs and sagged there skinny jeans. For some reason friendships here dont last long and it seems like every ones trying to get something out of you..idk i dont plan on living here for ever
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    The cost of living here is too god damn high, might I even add higher than i am, Sam.
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    Ya my biggest issue living here, besides the cost, is the people.  Almost all my friends are people I grew up with and know extremely well, rarely do I meet someone new who I want to chill with.  Waay too many fake ass people here.
  19. Where in CA do you live?

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