Damn I Love California

Discussion in 'General' started by threetimeskrazy, May 29, 2013.

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    Goddamn I love that california lifestyle. Hothoppin in lowlows, that grimy air, drive by shootings, the bitches, and of course chillin with the homies smokin on that good good. no better feeling than opening up that window at sunrise and blowin that indo smoke into the air and then getting ready for the day. I love my city. Where all california heads at!?

    Im high as fuck, haha.

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  2. Excuse my foreign ignorance, but isn't California a state? :smoke:
  3. yes it is. i think OP meant he loves the city in California that he lives in.
  4. You like the drive by shootings? What's wrong with you nig*a!!!
  5. Yeah, i love my city haha.
  6. Didn't you guys just have an earthquake? lmfao
  7. You mean the daily 3-4 magnitude quakes? We are immune to those. Waiting on that 9.0 :)
    No, it was 5. something that happened earlier. Saw friends on fb talking about how they woke up because of the ground and house shaking lol.
  9. Oh, the 4.8 in Vista...too far for me to feel it...that's a tiny one anyways.
  10. did you just watch boyz in the hood or something?  I live in LA and nobody but south central trash acts like that. lol
  11. Don't be a menace to South Central while drinking your juice in the hood.
  12. That's not California lifestyle...thats ghetto rat lifestyle.
  13. I was just in California. 
    The traffic sucks. :)
  14. Do earthquakes even count in California if they are under a 7.0? 
    OP I love California as well...but for very different reasons. 
  15. Yep, the traffic sucks. I'm currently stuck in traffic on this stupid 91 freeway. uhh Better than the 405 tho, that is the worst traffic! End rant.
  16. I think i could get used to California seems to be alot of enlightened non judgemental types in the right areas.
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    I live right at the 405/10, luckily I work 2 miles away or I'd go nuts
    I just heard 60/91/215 is the WORST interchange in LA.  Ugh.
  18. Why are y'all all trashing OP just cause he's from a different part of town? You don't know him, he's just trying to be a blade like everybody else
  19. This is true but promoting random killing is heartless and dumb.

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