Damn, I Have to Work Tomorrow.....

Discussion in 'General' started by TLF1088, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. I have to be at work for 7am tomorrow. You know what though? I don't care.
    Tonight I'm drinking a few shots of whiskey, smoking the last bit of my weed, then killing a 12 pack. All while plopped in my bean bag chair with all my lights except my black lights and lava lamp off, and listening to Tommy all the way through.

    7am doesn't exist right now.
  2. You have to work?
  3. damn dude i feel ya i gotta be up at work for 6:30, but the dope part is i get off at 2:30 and got the rest of my friday to do what I please:smoke::hello:
  4. :laughing:
  5. Work everyday, get fucked up every night. Pretty much how my life is. Working everyday for a long time whether be around the apartment, job, school or whatever. Always goign to be something and it will be that way till the day ya die.
  6. tomorrow morning you'll regret everything, lol.
  7. dude most people work. And we don't go and drink in the dark about it either.

    and don't get drunk i was hungover at work today and i felt like quitting
  8. Hell yeah man

    I once stayed up all night drinking when I had to work at 6
    didn't sleep, eat, or drink any water

    needless to say I was pretty drunk when I got there.

    they sent me home after I puked on the wall :D
  9. i hate wakin gup early for work because i like smokin lots of weed at night (only like .7 lol) and dont fall asleep around 1-2am, but have to wake up at 6 :mad:.
  10. That sounds really sad....
  11. Shiet, I thought it sounded damn well to me main.

    I gotta work tommrow but i dont gotta work till 3pm. Im thinking like shiet ima be so fuckin drunk tonight cuz earliest i wanna go to sleep is like 3am. And im part through a 40 now and smokin a blunt and its a few minutes from 9.

    But enjoy main, I need to figure out something to do tonight.
  12. It would sound better if there were friends involved... or maybe some light? Sitting alone in the pitch black dark night slamming beers just does not...

  13. I think you guys missed what I was saying. I'm not sulking, this is what I'm doing for fun tonight because I don't care I have work tomorrow. Lol.
  14. Well, enjoy your night of ganja and binge drinking. Better start chuggin that prickly pear juice. :smoking:
  15. I gotchu from the beggining.

    Chillin relaxin in a tripped out evnrioment for the fuck of it. Im down.

  16. Usually sentences beginning in "damn," end up sounding like sulking. I mean just most of them; not ones like "Damn that blunt is huge" or "Damn look at that ass" or "Damn this is a big bag of weed" or "Damn, I'm gonna have a good weekend!"

    My point is actually completely wrong.

  17. I was saying something like "Damn I gotta work tomorrow, but fuck it I'm going to party anyways"
  18. Having to work the next day never stopped me.
  19. wow, you don't care about work. then you should give it to me.
    I'll do anything to get a job. ITS FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND A JOB.

    you're lucky.
  20. Haven't done it since before christmas, but for years I would polish off a pint of whiskey every night, then go to work the next day. It was always miserable as hell and I would question why the fuck I did it. Then as soon as work ended, I would go grab another pint and start with my night. Damn, wish I was going to my house this weekend so I could have some whiskey...hehehe.

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