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damn i got a addiction

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. addiction to weed. It hit me today that my love for weed has gone overboard. It consumes to much of my life, some days when i aint gotta work ill just smoke and never go out for the whole weekend, ill just smoke and smoke and smoke and smoke..... Ima really try to cut back, cause dont get me wrong i love gettin high and all but its getting to the point where im not doing shit else in my life i just sit around stoned all day.

    Any tips for cuttin back.......ill proally still smoke daily but maybe just like once a day or twice if friends are around or somethin... Any suggestions on makin it easier for me to cut back, it really hit me today that my body has a dependancy for weed, so i fiend pretty hard when i aint got it.
  2. I got the same problem. It's eating up ALL of my money. I need to tone it down.
  3. i have that same exact problem. today is the first day i havn't been high or drunk (usually drink when i'm dry) in about 5 months. just 49 more minutes and it's official. i want more than anything right now to go out and take a few resin hits off of my bong to get rid of this massive headache.. but i won't let myself. i've had no appetite all day either. it's like it was before i started smoking. i never had an appetite. i still can't decide wether or not i should smoke tomorrow. it's also like my sense of feel is different today. kind of like everything is more intense, but at the same time delayed a little bit. kinda like when you first start drinking. but i havn't drankin anything. i was going to.. then i decided i'd go 24 hours sober.
  4. Can't stop tokin' here. If I wasn't dry I would be blazed now, and then in a couple hours if I was still awake I would toke again, but alas the weed tea I made today using 4 bowls lowered my stock.
  5. i used to have that problem. but my parents were about to kick my ass if i didnt tone way down. cause it fucked up my school work and social life.
  6. ya cut back on buyin it and when u get the urge to do it and dant have any weed and its been a few days, take sum resin hits out of a dry piece. that will usually curb the craving pretty good
  7. Like all of you I have the same problem. It is my New Years resolution to cut way back. This may sound stupid but I can quit whenever I feel necessary. Does anyone else feel like weeds addiction isn't that powerful? Hell, I quit for as long as a week sometimes just to get more fucked up sometimes.
  8. Same with me, the only reason i go out is to meet up with friends and get high, even when we dont intend to we still do, and the only reason i am goin to a new years party is because its an excuse to get wasted, lol
  9. ah.. i have no problemos with addiction... if i have to stop, i can, hands down.

    I hadn't smoked for maybe 1 and 1/2 weeks before this morning. and i still have maybe 3 grams just sitting there waiting for me.
  10. i actually told my self a few days ago that i was gonna quit for a couple weeks and get back into shape....but today i woke up w/ one of the worst hang overs ever and the only thing that would make me feel better was some weed. it seriously the number one way to get rid of a hang over.
  11. your right the addiction to pot isnt that powerful at all its not like anyother drug heres a little exert

    """"Research shows that marijuana is not physically addictive, but it can be psychologically addictive. It's not considered physically addictive because users show few or no withdrawal symptoms during cessation. Psychological dependence usually develops because a person's mind craves the high that it gets when using the drug. """"

    i find this so true
  13. i use to be able to quit no problem, but its beomce a point in my life where i think my body is just so use to it. I mean i been smokin daily for yrs and yrs, my body is more high than it is sober on any given day........ Ima cut back after new yrs, not quit but cut back. I miss the type of highs i use to get anyways when i didnt smoke so much, its like im so use to it now its not as good of a high.
  14. Yeah in my opinion if you stop smoking for 1-3 days and smoke again I find that the high is much more potent
  15. my second day sober in about 5 months. i guess i wouldn't really call it an addiction. more like a love. i havn't been 'craving' it at all. in fact it's kind of nice to be sober. i remember every part of my day (stml sucks), and i had more time to do other things.
  16. I find a persons need to smoke pot depends on how much free time they have and what they're doing during that time.

    Take that one anti pot commercial for example; they basically say that if you smoke pot you won't ever do anything, well i never really did anything before i smoked pot. I dropped out of highschool and didn't have a job a long time before i ever took a toke
  17. When I have weed sitting in my pocket, I find it very hard to say no - to not smoke it.(actually I never succeeded at saying no. sucks doesnt it?)

    When I don't have weed around I don't even care about it. Well not after a couple of days anyway, the first few days life's just so boring whereas if I'm stoned I can turn any situation into a funny one.
  18. well after two days of not smoking cigs, cloves, weed, or drinking, i just did a wake and bake on new years eve. it's some real awsome kb i hooked my buddy up with yesterday. he said i could have a bowls worth for this morning. and i swear to god i'm really high off of one pretty large hit off my new one and a half inch spoon). i still have half greens staring back at me. i think i'm just gunna get high off this bowl all day. this is awsome. lol. i'm so happy now.
  19. almost every one i know that smokes weed on a regular basis is verry addicted to weed. you dont realize it because it is a mental addiction. the only way to realize how addicted to weed you are si to be put on probation and forced to stop dor a few months. then you realize how much of a huge part of your life it is.
  20. My bet friend and my ex were "addicted" to pot in the sense that they let it dictate their daily plans and the people they hung out with. It's gotten to the point where if you're dry or don't smoke you're relegated to low priority. To keep myself from doing that i purposely let myself go dry for 2 or 3 months every now and then to make sure i can stop craving it. It's the damn cigarettes that are killing me now, though in 3 weeks i went from a pack a day to 1 pack over 3 weeks.

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