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Damn I Feel For The Ladies Sometimes,,,, Heres A Example,

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, May 3, 2008.

  1. just now my ladie friend ask me what the date is,,,{ like im going to know that !!!}

    well she looks at my phone, and then get's real depressed sounding,,,,,

    and informs me she's going to start ragging soon,,,, w.t.f. you got a appointment for these things?

    it dont really bother me none, she works at night, and i got porn and '' COCOA-BUTTER ''

    guys,,,, sometimes it's nice to look up..... '' AND SAY THANKS '' while touching yourself,:p
  2. I hear that, oldgirls on it right now while shes in drill for her "one weekend a month" for the Gov.
    Thats gotta suck.
    What about makeup? Thats gotta be annoying as hell too.
  3. i live with my brother and our friend adub (amanda). .

    basically let me just say im completely aware of her menstrual cycle. .
    not because she always complains, but because i marked that shit on my calender so i know that if she is a little emotional or acting reclusive etc its a good chance its because of that so im a little more understanding

    and imo vagina is one of the most powerful things in the world, there has to be a catch to owning one of those otherwise it would be universally unfair
  4. You mean I'm not supposed to bleeding out of my cock?

  5. Awesome thread. +rep

    But yea, I feel for the women bad. They gotta go through the routine that guys don't even fathom most of the time (make-up, raggin', pregnancy, ect.) and I do feel for them. That's why I appreciate my girl hardcore alot. I know she goes through alot, so it's cool. You give and recieve. :smoking:

    Anyhow, time to watch Memento, BITCHES.
  6. Yeah don't forget about pregnancy. If i had to carry around kicking baby inside me for 9 months and then painfully push it out in a multiple hour process i would be like shit...
  7. haha yeah man my girl took some time to come visit me (we live a couple hundred miles apart) and a couple days before, she calls me saying "i have some bad news. we're not gonna be able have as much fun as we had planned"
  8. Dude guys have to piss standing up, I mean that sucks for us
  9. You're crazy, that's one of the best perks!

  10. haha yeah sometimes she'll be super bitchy about something. .

    and im like oh yea its the twenty seventh!

    want some chocolate roomy? lol

  11. No its supposed to be out your ass like hte rest of us. Sheesh!
  12. /Sarcasm

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