Damn I almost died

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  1. I was going like 80 in a 60 tonight and all of a sudden there's a black car going like 50 right in front of me. I swerve as fast as possible and spin out. Almost hit like 5 cars but somehow I didn't hit anybody. :eek: I've never even been in a small car crash scariest shit ever. I had to pull over to the side to gather myself and this lady who I almost hit got out and prayed with me (i'm not even religious but damn she convinced me to believe in god lol). Yeah I shouldn't of been speeding in a V6 accord but the other guy shouldn't of been going under the fuckin' speed limit. My heart is beating fast as shit right now....i had to type all this shit out to calm myself down.

  2. He was 10 mph, under the speed LIMIT.. you know the MAXIMUM you can go when driving..

    Just because the speed limit is 60 doesn't mean you have to go 60 miles per hour. You sound like you're trying to put the blame on someone else when it was actually all entirely your own fault.

    Sucks that you spun out but maybe you won't be so reckless in the future.
  3. Your right it wasn't his fault i'm just still stunned, and hopefully i'll learn a bunch of lessons from this because I admit to being a pretty reckless driver.

    Also, another crazy part to this story.....I just fixed my brake pads and rotars yesterday. If I didn't do that it would've been a wrap for me and my car.

  4. Limit - \ˈli-mət\ noun
    1 a : something that bounds, restrains, or confines b : the utmost extent

    In case you forgot what that word meant. :rolleyes:

    Slow the hell down and have a little consideration for other people. Just think, that innocent grandma who had the compassion to pull over and pray with you instead of kicking your ass, could be dead right now. All because you for some reason think speed limit means minimum limit...

    I wasn't going to say anything until I read that, that's just plain irresponsible to think.
  5. Nice to know you are still here! If you think about it though, you were basically going 40mph at a wall!

    Glad your safe though :D
  6. I know man i'm young and stupid when it comes to driving. Only reason I haven't been in a crash thus far is because I have quick reflexes but yea lesson learned....time to slow the fuck down. You guys don't even how lucky I am to have my car in one piece.....much less my life or someone else's.
  7. The way I learned to be more careful was by falling asleep at the wheel, then waking up to the bouncing of my car on grass as I approached a telephone pull that would kill me, but i woke up and swerved and just dented the fuck out of my car. That was some scary shit, waking up to you almost dying.
  8. @ bassface

    did you just completely disregard the whole first part of the topic?
  9. Nobody actually follows the speed limit on the highway. I don't know about where you live, but, in New England, if you are going 50 on the highway, especially in any lane aside from the first, you will experience a parade of horns.
  10. whoevers sayin that 60 is the max speed limit and should not be passed is not very smart or has never driven on a highway. people go like 80 as the speed limit and you will get honked at and get some angry people if your going 60 not in the right lane. scary event good thing ur ok tho
  11. Ya driving slow is serious problem especially when you have alot of people on the road
  12. There's already enough aggression on the roads with everyone so eager to recklessly speed past a slow, most likely, elderly driver. We get it, you think they're driving too slow and you wannna move faster. But who do you think is more likely to survive a head-on collision? Being in 3 bad wrecks (1 as driver, 2 as passenger) I know better.

    However, I do agree that some drivers who block the flow of traffic by driving at fart speeds should refrain from driving.
  13. BassFreakk if you want to evade a ban there are a few guidelines you should follow: don't reregister a month later with a similar username, and disguise your obvious style of shorthand and ridiculous assumptions :wave:


    You should report his ass, not for trying to come back after a ban - But for the pure idiocracy. Or just being a idiot (And yes idiot idiocracy have different meanings)

    Anyway, its a speed limit for a reason so shit like this doesnt happen. you were going 20 mph over. the guy was prolly goin 65
  15. Just try to really learn this lesson. a lot of people that do stuff like this will drive more cautiously for maybe a month or two and then start roaring down the road.
    I don't think humans were meant to go faster than 25 miles and hour.

  16. Just because everyone else does it, doesn't make it right. The speed limit is still the speed limit, and if somebody wants to speed they better damn well pay attention to those who don't want to.
  17. dumbass, blaming someone cause you spaced out and didnt notice a car? and if its km/h, gj spinning out at such a slow speed.
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    Well, if you did die you at least go with the knowledge of knowing it was YOUR fault. Which is you know just a wee bit better than dying in a car crash that isn't your fault. Seriously why? Wtf...whats the point of going twenty miles over the speed limit...especially at night when if you're going that fast hitting the brake wont stop you before you hit something that just became visible to you via headlights....take a drivers ed course dude there is a reason nascar doesn't fucking race at night time.

    I even understand that some people go faster than the speed limit on the highway. Hell me personally I tend to go five maybe even ten miles over the limit...but damn twenty? Why? If anything going that fast is what will get you pulled over by the police...and I tend to have marijuana in my car...so I don't do it.
  19. You sound so stupid. Remember it's not just you on the roads.. so your actions could affect anyone around you. Dum shit.
  20. I once did 150km/h in a 60 zone. That shit was epic :D

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