Damn humidity

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  1. The humidity has been high here this past week and has thrown off my watering , I typically do it every morning and still have been, regardless of the humidity, I come home from work and see this smh.. what do I do

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  2. Best time to water ,..in heat is late afternoon

    say all the smart plant doctors around my place

    their reason is the plant is 'rewarded' for staying live ..lol

    to water soaks the soil ...longer than in the morning

    the plant can 'drink' until sundown

    and recovers during sleep

    for the forthcoming onslaught of heat

    offer you plants some shade during the worst 10-2pm?

    good luck
  3. My girl has been telling me that too, to water at night or like when the sun is going down so they're ready for next day.. but I feel like I just can't do that out here. It's way to hot and I don't want them to be without or something.. I have a 50% shade cover up permanently. The sun is brutal here.. but I should only be putting it up from like 10-4/5.
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    Once temps get to hot the plant falls dormant or sleep

    they are a lot tougher than you think

    give serious consideration to the ROOT TEMPS

    air temps is no biggy but root temps are

    imo cover the root base with reflective white trash bag or similar

    insert cooking temp gauge to get the temp

    many tricks around

    if total wacked out with heat

    be like the Auzzies and grow at night..?

    good luck
  5. How the hell do u grow at night lol

    And wouldn't trash bags suffocate the soil and roots?
  6. You grow indoor under hps/led with air con

    the white trash bags sit on top of the pot

    covering the rootball from direct light/heat from the sun

    any reflective covering will do

    my trash bags in Russia are white so are my soil bags

    both are used to reflect the suns heat

    good luck
  7. .dblepost
  8. I have a serious issue.. my plants now done bro.. just got home to see this. Like I said I skipped watering today but the soil is still fuckin wet in all the pots and plants man and the plant looks dead. Idk if it's because I didn't water this morning or from the humidity fuckin shit up!

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  9. I have a lot of humidity where I live and the only issues it gives me is bud rot. I don't think humidity is the problem here. At night your plants will look very droopy, are you visiting your plants at night?
  10. Yes and they look very droopy lol that's the exact definition.. and then once 10-midnight hits they perk up because the humidity is lower.. monsoon season is coming so it's a lot of humidity in the air

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