Damn, Gotta Go To Jail. Advice?

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  1. So, here's the scoop, I'm 19, and have been on indefinite juvenile probation for a theft since 17. My probation was transferred to TN from VA, and I never met the VA officer. TN took me off my TN probation, and requested VA cancel mine too. The judge denied it, said I had to be on longer....
    Got a letter in the mail about a month ago from the VA probation officer who I've never met, saying I was violated for three things that happened 7 months ago. Went to court today, had a fancy ass lawyer, didn't do me any good, so I gotta pull 7 weekends in a row.
    Jail fucking sucks, and I'm pissed. I've been walking the straight and narrow, and now am being thrown in jail for past mistakes that I've already paid cash and time for.
    Sooo, GC, any suggestions? I was thinking of staying up all thursday night and friday day until I go in around 7 PM, sleep about a day away, then deal with the other day awake... Don't think I can sneak any drugs up my butt, think i gotta get nakie and cough and shit. I'm really irritated and upset. I'm about 120lbs, a little motherfucker. Last thing I need is some big black guy picking a fight with me. I'm an mma fighter, but 120lbers can only do so much against a black guy who lifts weights all day every day in jail. Would like to come out with all my teeth....
    I'm not necessarily afraid of jail, but I'm not looking forward to it either. Kinda depressing Im gunna miss like 4 UFC PPV's in a row, and all my weekends this summer will be sat in a stupid fucking jail cell
    I think I can pull 2 weeks straight, but that'd be in gen pop, and the weekends, i'll just be in with the weekenders...
    Any ideas for a fellow sad blade?

  2. Don't take no shit for starters, someone calls you a bitch you better swing or else you will be labeled as the go to guy for whatever they want that you may have. 
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  3. Should I make some sort of weapon and stab a motherfucker?
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    Use the time, don't let the time use you. It will go quick and you will feel better having not resisted every minute of it.
    Also, don't take shit from people but don't cause trouble unless you plan on extending your stay.
  5. nah dont stab anyone , just put someone in a flying armbar right when someone says shit and they'll be like this a crazy kung fuh niqqa we leave his asshole alone
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  6. Well, on the bright side it's not like you're going to actual prison, just your local jail, odds are someone that's there probably won't try to mess with you or rape you, just keep to yourself and be respectful of the people around you, and you'll be fine.
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  7. 7 weekends in a row. That sounds shitty. 
  8. Most likely you're just going to county jail. Just stay out of all the bullshit and you'll be fine. It's not prison.
  9. dont drop the soap
  10. Yeah, it isn't prison, but still fucking sucks and is a big waste of my life. At all the other jails around me, if you can get a job x number of days before you gotta go in, you can pay 15 bucks a day and not have to actually serve in jail. Anyone know if you can get your jail time switched to a different jail?
  11. Go directly to jail, do not pass go and do not collect 200$.oh yea, a get out of jail free card would also help....
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  12. Better then a bid

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    Yes OP, go into jail for a probation violation, STAB someone and leave Jail with a murder charge... oh yeah you don't get to go home in your car, more like a police car to prison.
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  14. 7 weekends? why not just do 14 days straight? that would be less of a pain in the ass.
  15. so how much time are you doing? are you only going in on the weekends? im confused
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  16. If I do weekends, I'm pretty sure the time I get credit for is double. The original sentence is 30 days, but I think if I do weekends, it's cut in half. could be wrong. I think if I choose not to do weekends, I gotta do 30 straight. but it could be 14 straight. but the weekend shift, is with all the petty crimes, if I do the full term in gen pop, i'll be with the murderers, rapists, etc... and am not too keen on doing that
  17. 7 weekends in a row is not as bad as 3 years.
  18. That's true. I know it could be worse. I'm on 11/29 suspended in TN, and have until October to not mess up, and so far so good. 11/29 I'd likely do vast amounts of unmentionables and just end it. couldn't survive a year in prison. Just sucks having to do any time, as I've already paid for this incident, done community service, etc etc etc...
  19. There goes your summer  :cry: Stay Strong
  20. I too am 19 and I gotta go to jail this weekend for a Pv but only for the weekend. Not as bad as my friends who got 3-6 months. I hate my jail tho they stick you in a big room with bunk beds and 20 to 30 grown ass men and one toilet and shower

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