Damn girlfriend

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  1. My timer fucked up some how or another and I had to run and do something for work this morning so I told her "lights out at 1030 this morning." I get done head back to the house get there and the light is still on at 1145 wtf wtf 4 weeks into flowering will they be ok? should I compensate for the lost time?
  2. Slap a bitch.

    There's your compensation.
  3. she is not allowed in the anymore haha! I'm worried about the plants will they be ok?
  4. You seem to be forgetting that weed is a plant....its not some holy angel (although it is, metaphorically.)

    Frankly I wouldn't be worried in the least, the next day (today probably) just make your light cycle last 1 half hour later, then return to your normal schedule.

    Given the fact that I find most of my pot plants to be forgiving even when they're so called "extreme grows" they'll be fine...

    A few rules that I hope you apply to all your pot:
    Good water source
    decent lighting (irregardless of hours, just make sure its consistent)
    and fresh air!

    Treat your plants like people, be gentle and have a great token day!
  5. ^there need to be more people like limewillis.
  6. The plants flowering cycle is dependant on the 12 dark peroid..
    Not the light.... as long as your dark period is a min of 12 hours , they will be fine.

    promise;)...keep em green buddy.............now stop bein mad at her...:D
  7. just an hour off right? there fine keep normal schedule i would not change it
  8. thanks fellas im calm now just hate to see hard work go to waste. Had to check with you guys to make sure.
  9. no worries man you should be fine. you could compensate if you want i would keep it on the same times. less light is better and less of a chance of herme. I was allways told you can only do it once though. so dont miss your time:smoking:MACKdelta9

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