Damn funny situation in class today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Alliance, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. So today in my psychology class i walk in, and the class along with the professor were discussing weed. They were talking about how they went to concerts and everyone was smoking pot, and how gross and bad it was....and this one kid wouldnt stop repeating...DAMN STONERS so of course i sit there in the back of the classrom and cant stop laughing...SO as i sit there im just thinking to myself..Man im high right now. i wonder what yall would think about me.

    Just thought it was a funning situation.

    P.S. this is what the alphabet would look like without Q and R
  2. wtf r u talking about?

    miss dankstar

    ?? I dont get it....

    PS maybe? Huh?

  4. PQRS - QR = PS...kinda funny i guess...if ur stoned :)
  5. mitch hedgburg (sp?) :D
  6. Did you say anything to defend the smokers?
  7. Whenever poeple bitch aobut weed, i pull out the good ol' quote, "God made weed, man made beer, who do you trust?" It seems to work, becuz around here, most of the people are christean..or however you spell it. That or i play on there ignorance for not understanding individualism...or some shit...Go Quote! (Uhh..i forget who said that....)
  8. everytime someone mentions drugs in my class, most of the people turn to look at me and smile. It's quite annoying, since they're pointing out to the teachers that i'm the resident stoner.
  9. man everyone in my school smokes. i would say about 70 % of the population at my school is there for bud or some kind of drug offense. no one gives a fuck.
  10. Man in my english class last year when the discussion started going on about weed, you guys bet your asses I was up there defending it. It was chill too because after I spoke about another 10 started talking too, lmao. Everyone blazes around here in so cal.
  11. you gave up a good chance to change some minds about the good herb to sit there and laugh
  12. they're all morons. Marijuana has got to be THE concert enhancer. Stoners fucking it up? making it BAD?!
    gr! i hate all these ignoramuses.

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