damn dude school sucks

Discussion in 'General' started by DancinJERRBEAR, May 18, 2004.

  1. We just got a new principal at my High school and theres rumors going around that every student is going to get drug tested at the beginning of the year.... people might say this is too expensive but its a private school and they blew 800 grand on a damn organ so i dunno
  2. wouldnt that be invasion of privacy
    what could they do if you said "no"
  3. its a private school. i think that means they do what the want when they want. but im just a kid what do i no
  4. i agree with tiburon

    if its a private school they run the show
  5. yeah, their a private school, so they can do what they want pretty much. but giving a drug test to a minor isnt up to the school, its up to whether the parents want to let their kids take a drug test. they cant make you do anything. and if they try to pull some shit like suspending you or something, fight that shit
  6. I would've laughed if they drug tested me at my private high school. Over 80% of the senior class smoked.

  7. looks like someone has an AWESOME school!
  8. ya everyone in the school smokes... obviously including me i think its somthing like 60% of everyone does... but ya theyre allowed to do whatever they want or they can just kick you out if you fight it
  9. uh... 800 grand on an organ.. HAHHAHAHAHA that is so fucking funny

    So if you test positive what are they gonna do except kick you out of sports?

  10. Maybe kick you out of the school.
  11. someone on gc said they told their friends parents that the only way to get a test would be to hold their dick and make them piss in the cup so you could try that and if they actually did then sue them for sexual harrasment
  12. Only one drug test at the beginning of the year? No random ones? Shit man, just get a detox drink or something. If it's only one test you have to pass a year, it's not that bad.....

  13. I think he ment Organ as in those piano thingy-ma-bobs with the deep sound n shit. or whatever....

  14. I think you can get $50 grand for a kidney. I figure, I have two of them, right? $50,000 cash is worth more than a kidney to me.....
  15. damn that principal is gonna have like 20 gallons of piss to dip a stick in, maybe he got a piss fetish and isnt plannin on testin anyone, he jus wants to play with pee

  16. there will be even stricter random ones to kids with "suspicous records" luckily i jsut found out im going to a new school :)
  17. i also go to this school and i also smoke and jerrbears is my friend and all i need to say is IT IS THE WORST SCHOOL I HAVE EVER ATENTDED
  18. they could test you if parents let you.

    and tiburon, your and 18 year old kid.....right......?!?

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