damn...drunk people(warning:profanity, some violence and dialogue)

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  1. fuck today was a trip if u ask me. kickin it, drinkin smokin you know. "gangbangers" roll thru just straight drinkin you know? so everyones kickin it everythings great, its the good life. And then people get a little too drunk, homeboy accidently spits on my car and I politely asked him to wipe it off, fair no? And then it happen, homie decides its too much mother fuckin work to just wipe it off real quick. wtf, you got gangsters on your back you so you dont gotta respect people. This is the mindset of these fools. Homie starts trippin all over the spit, I'll admit I was pretty tipsy at this point. I even pick up a towel and give it to him so he can clean it up. I started talking about respect they didnt seem to understand. So I flip, then it triggers him and he flips. His homies start backing him up my homies start holding me back. Then they asked me, do you know where your at? looked at him, looked around and redirected my focus towards him and proceeded to scarcasticly name the city and state of where we're located:D. Lets call the guy I was beefin with fool #1 and his homie fool #2. So fool #2 tells me its his streets and he runs it. I hate gangsters with a passion, you know. everybody can be hardcore, by any means necessary feel me? Shits just a mess you know then my homie whos house it is was telling these fools "wtf, you guys always come around here drunk off your ass starting shit, fuck off wtf guys." This point on I'm pumped, looking into the soul of my enemies. Deep breathes, I dont want to do anything stupid. I dont want any trouble I repeated, I kept demanding peace and that we drop the whole thing. Mother fuckers dont want peace. It's peace whether they like it or not. these mother fuckers arent worth it.
  2. who was in the wrong? I'm all about justice if I was wrong I'll suck it up be like my bad but nah I think these fools are trippin. talking what backup I have. I have guns pussies. yall got down ass homies I got down ass steel one life one bullet
  3. yo yo yo and then my gangsta homeboy pulled out his silenced pp7 from 007 you know? and popped that homeboy gangsta right in the anus hole you know?????? and my homeboy flipped out and dropped the blunt in the ass blood and then my *****.....
  4. fuckin joker :wave: "do you know where I got these scars?"
  5. ...This a joke?!

    If it's actually serious, who gives a damn. Sure, you're telling him it'll only take a second to whipe off, but realize that: it'll only take a second to whipe off. No need to get violent over something so stupid.
  6. i wish it were a joke. no that fool came to flame my thread so ya. i know your right. I justneed to relax. Life is too short for this. i dont need to make it shorter.
  7. I would have smoked em
  8. you did the right thing man.. i get into altercations like that sometimes and the best thing to do is just let it go.. if you end up fighting you will most likely regret it in the morning..
  9. Dude, I'm moving and I'm so happy. I've lived in little MExico for the past three years and all these wannabe gangster kids live around here. The type that call brick weed fire n drive around stupid and shit.

    I was with these dudes who said they were gonna drive me to their dealer and they were swirving big time on the road with weed and alcohol in the car and came really close to hittin this poor fat girl. I told them I don't have all fuckin day and to chill and he looked at me like something was wrong with me like I was a party pooper or something and I'm thinking there's a deliniation between STUPID and FUN.

    I hate gangster too man, sorry you had to go through their stupid shit. If you had equal numbers though and he spit on my shit I probably would have hit him, but hey if I was high who knows. I'm not judging, I hope gangsters grow the hell up.
  10. Where in Orange county was this?
  11. im sorry your a bitch you should of snuffed him when he fuckin spit on your whip
  12. Throw glitter in his face, that shit is impossible to get off

  13. the city of gophuckerself :D I'm just waiting for some troll to come pretending hes part of the other party and shit. lol
  14. damn this same shit happened to me twice but once i was on the other side...i was like 13 or 14 and these older kids were driving around in this fools acura throwin water balloons all night i saw em like 3 times and the last time they started throwin em at me, i was right outside a dominos eatin some cinnastix when he did it too so i threw the lil icing cup thing from my cinnastix back at him n it hit the mirror n exploded into the car threw the open window it was a sweet shot but the fool chased me almost 2 blocks before chokcin the shit outa me like he was tryna kill me so i hit him with my shoe n split but him n his boys caught up with me later we were on this corner n he pushed me i was so pissed that he almsot killed me before i socked himin the temple n his glasses like flipped off his face it was great all his homies were holdin him back cus the po po was rollin by i woulda got stompped out..but yeah he was tryin to get me to clean it but i was like fuck you not after chokin me bitch, right hook. dont get me wrong though i was scaared i knew i was about to get fucked up but i socked him back anyway right after i got off my ass from being pushed down outa anger n fear

    last summer some fool threw a bunch of cigarette butts into my homies car when he pulled up to ask for a smoke i was down the block just back form 3 parties one of which had a few kegs and a bunch of handles that i was on for free so i was pretty gone, when i got to where they were this fool was like punkin on my friend being a real asshole who wasnt really standin up for himself i felt real bad for my friend n i was drunk so i ended up layin the fool out on the hood of his car with a few punches n bustin up his friends eye...some bitch on the scene ripped my sweatshirt in all of this n called the cops after later that night they came ot my house n arrested me lucky i was just 16 and didnt go to jail but i had to go to court n do a bunch of shit so it really wast worth it, i bet the fool that i punched when i was 13 woulda had the same shit but worse if he had beat my ass basically i learned something from all that, its prob not good to throw down unless its bout something important even if im drunk off y ass i gotta stay composed n shit
  15. this thread is now cool thanks to tailsprower

    ty sir :)
  16. You should have definitely bent over with the towel leaning toward the spit and suddenly come up sock him in the dome and wrapped that towel around his neck until he passed out. You don't say whether you were alone or not but that would not slide. Most "gangsters" are fake ass *****s.[​IMG]
  17. I wish I can say they were fake ass $%$%$%$%$ but they werent. they're down ass fools(translation:morons). No, these people are real scum walking the streets. Responsible for keeping hundreds of crackheads on the pipe. You only push a pit bull so far until that dog ends up in a corner and whos the ????? yea your the bitch. I hate violence. I hate it I hate it I hate it but if you push me. :)

    "This is not revenge. It's punishment" hahahaha anyone guess the namethats a badass movie.

    damn damn I'm high as kite :smoke:
  18. Why join a Gang? Join the Army
  19. word, your first post coming to help me out. Are you sent from the angels? shit, if you were, you probably wont know about it thats how they roll.

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