Damn dont try trampolining + being ripped

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Rahzizzle, May 9, 2006.

  1. Shit usually Im pretty good at the trampoline and yesterday i tryed a double frontflip and almost landed it

    so i wanted to try later when i was blazed

    so after work me and my friend go to my house and smoke 2 bowls outta our bong and we go outside

    i tryed the double frontflip right away and right as i came down my knee shot into my fucking eye and i fucked up my eye i cant even open it still and its all black and blue now

  2. ahahhahaha...

    man i bet u had a hard time deciding if this should go in the humor section or real life stories eh?!

    ..but i hear ya ive slammed a knee in the face on the trampoline .. it hurts
  3. That happened to me many times. One time I actually sprained my knee, I didnt feel it at the time cause I was so drunk, and ate a bunch of footballs. I was limpin around town for like 2 fuckin weeks. I havnt jumped on a trampoline since. lol:smoke:
  4. i fuckin fell off a tree (was small but i was young ..) and i landed on my ankle that was twisted when i landed on it .. so i had a huge sprain it hurt so bad w/ or w/o pressure on it.. i fuckin had to CRAWL home cause we were locked out of my friends house and i lved 5 houses down .. i was like seven it was so bad heh .. crawling home hahah..
  5. hahahahaha my friends would've laughed so hard

    i love the trampoline when i'm stoned. so fun :smoking: i lay down on it while my friends jump down as hard as they can and i, being so little, shoot up like ten feet. but it's scurry cos they might trample me :eek: but that's part of the fun :smoking:
  6. Sorry, but I laughed like hell when I read that. Hopefully it heals good though.
  7. I broke my nose off a trampoline, from my knee bouncing off the tramp, into my nose...
  8. good shit man, youll get it.

    i could do the double frontflip for one season. (shitty fall/winter weather always kept me off it from september till april. the one year i learned it, i was 17. fucking awesome. the next year, i was finally too big. i used to hit the ground sometimes, but from then on, i almost always did. maybe it needed new springs, who knows.

    but man, double frontflip, itll impress some friends. haha, never made it past a 540 flip. always wanted that 720. a few times i managed a straight 1080, but those are fucking hard man! hahaha. strange how you can do a 540 pretty much on flat ground, but a 720, whole differant story, anywhere past that is damn tough.

    god i love trampolines. stay away when youre drunk tho... ive had some bad run ins with a drunken trampoline.
  9. Yah i got baked and went on mine, tried a backflip and freaked out midway through the rotation and basically landed on my neck. So now I don't try flips when I'm tripping.
  10. yea man i hear that, im in SADTD

    (Students Against Drunken Trampoline Drivers)
  11. Try getting stoned/getting on the tramp/full contact sword fighting.

    2 days ago. Thats how I broke my fucking hand. I have so many bruises right now. But he has a huge ass bruise on his cheek. Also his chest has tons of them, from me stabbing the fuck out of him.
  12. never had swords, though ive had some great boxing matches. and then there was me and my friends amateur wrestling league...
  13. Yeh me and my friends used to wrestle on the trampoline all the time.

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