Damn caterpillars!

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    Does anyone know a good [preferably organic] solution to getting rid of caterpillars?
    Its already trimming time so obviously its to late to rid them on this crop. But they usually come around every crop and theyre really really really reallllyyyyyyyyy ANNOYING.[especially when they fall into your trimming bag!] its an indoor hydro tent setup. so i dont understand how theyre getting in in the first place! Theyre not coming in on the clones... We have foxfarm soil, could they be coming in the bags???

    BY THE WAY the reason i ask the soil question is because theres a few soil plants next to the hydros.

    OH NO i posted in outdoor...sorry:p dont bump me the people in here probably have more experience with caterpillars anyway..
  2. Bt spray. Go to any garden store an they will have it.
  3. your fingers.look for dead pieces of bud and they are usually nearby.i hate spraying bud with bugspray
  4. exactly. me to they only come around during flowering when its to late to spray.
    picking them off is all we CAN do i guess. thats all we've been doin... we always see their holes in the leaves and i think their massive mites...THANK GOD its not.
  5. You spray during veg an they dont come during flowering.
  6. no, they still come. i have that chrysanthemum oil that you dilute and spray and it whoops ass for mites. idk theyre just persistent determined little bastard who WILL get theyre pot fix no matter what repellents stand in their way. They are soldiers of the bug world.
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    you need to find the source & eliminate it. Inspection & Screening if at all possible is a great prevention.
    Those flying critters such as moths & butterflies will get to them & lay patches of eggs during veg stage if you don't keep them out & away.
    they'll be ready for prime damage by flowering if you don't find them all during veg..
    Found some by inspection before screening & I haven't seen any since.
  8. I said bt spray not stuff for mites. I 14 in nor cal where all my boys were getting hit hard but bot mine. Bt spray keeps then away.
  9. Stupid iPhone typing I am not a retard I swear
  10. haha okay, i'll take your word for it.

    ill also take your word on the bt spray, at first i thought you meant bt as a brand not the ingredient:p
  11. I doubt they are from the soil. I would suspect the clones. They cant be coming from your grow room because there are no butterfly's or moths flying around in there I hope.

    I would be sure to treat the room and the new clones each grow as a preventive measure. I hate treating my plants with anything but if you do this as a preventive measure it will almost guarantee you will not have any insects later on.

    Do you know what kind of Caterpillar it is that may also help determine its origin?

    Good Luck
  12. Spinosad is a good insecticide that can be used up to the day before harvest. If used as directed will control the outbreaks. The Bt (Bacillius thringiensis) will also work and both are organic. The worms are coming from moths laying eggs in the flowers, not the soil or plants.


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