damn bubbles posted up some pizics

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.bubbles, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. i really like the last one.
    i hate xanax man. it makes me feel great for like 20min then i just sleep for two days.
  2. Smoke a xanny blunt....it's such a good high
  3. yeah im to high gotta snort more xanx
  4. Lol I almost drown when I took 2 gold xany bars and smoked a few bowls in my hottub (was alone).

    Xanax fucks me the hell up, always forget everything though :(
  5. :p your kinda cute ;) nice pics !!
  6. wowowowow thank you hippy that made my day and i fuckin had xanie dreamns alllll night
  7. Haha, i wanna do Xany's soo bad..

    Wher's all the cash comin from lol

  8. Your quite welcome :p

    <-------- thats me :D
  9. your pretty as well beautiful...the cash..drug money
  10. Lmao, i see some sparks flyin ;)..I NEED to get money bubbles, i NEED to get reallly fukt up..
  11. i still have that money..im going away to a bow shoot in indiana with my pops..and i dont know what ima use it for..prolly come back and buy a ounce..

  12. HAHA! thats all this city needs is matchmaker thread...:D sorry guys taken woman here. :p

    BTW- thanks Mr. Bubbles.
  13. any time you look sooo sad in your avater...YEAH she is tsaken
  14. Well, no one's gonna get my sweet, virgin ass! No way, jose.
  15. hahahahahha
  16. I love you bubbles! ^_^

    +rep - I LOOOOOOOOOOVE pics.

    Edit: Must "spread some around"... but when I can rep ya' again -
  17. durban man..your my bestest friend...remember eddie? and henretta?

  18. Oh, the days by the lake. How we used to laugh. Eddie would man the BBQ and Henretta would make such good potato salad. LOL
  19. HAHAHAHAHA o shit man..you havnt been around in awhiel..i missed you..well posted in my thread :D hahaha

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