damn animals!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Locus, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. well i went outside today and cheked my plant and one of the bigger leaves got bitten off..is it going to be ok..its only about a week old?
  2. It should be ok.
  3. k thanks
  4. locus, high!
    You have to closely examine your plants, and the soil, to see if you have cutworms or caterpillars, or grasshoppers. You have to get out there late at night or super early am with a flashlight, and catch the little buggers {;) in the act. If it is something bigger than that, you need a chickenwire cage, set around each plant, staked to withstand pushing over.
    Or you can make your plants unattractive to just about any critter by whipping up a puree of 3-5 fresh HOT peppers, a yellow onion, and a clove of garlic. Wear glove and goggles, this stuff is strong! Strain it and squeeze it very well until no more juice comes out (save the gooey mess*). Mix the powerful juice with at least 3 parts water (or to taste, lol), a capful of dish soap and a capful of rubbing alcohol (these are to lower the surface tention, and will kill any soft bodied pests like mites and aphids. Spray or paint it onto your plants each evening, and rinse them _first_thing_ in the am. Keep the liquid refrigerated between uses. Take only enough for each use, and take the chill off before application. *Scatter the solids around the planting area, to help further discourage the ubiquitous hordes of voracious pests. They will come from miles away to feast on your taste greenery. We are not the only creatures who love the kindly cannabis! Good luck! eg

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