Damn am i twerked out........

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  1. uhh if your not from jersey or central area, thats another word for yayed the fuck up lol..... i havent been on this site lately since i stopped my cultivatin but how you guys been? i been aight, doing my music thing. tryna get back into school you know lol. By the way, has anyone seen rush hour 3 yet/ im thinkin about catchin a matinee........looks hilarious

    edit: i also need another favor........ even if you dont listen to my genre im sure you guys can tell whats good or not since i can with genres i dont listen to


    on the soundclick if you go to the 3rd page, those are like my first tracks ever so you could hear the progression ive made

    i wanna know what you guys honestly think......e.g - would you bump this in your car? can you see it on the radio? what neesd work? whats the best feature? just anything.... like all my friends say im good and blah blah but i think they just cock sucking lol.. theres someone on here from the west side i believe that raps and i like his production and style.....dont remember the name but hit me up on aim man dekap unlimited... first 5 people to give me a honest opinion will get a shout out in my next song
  2. man i didnt like the song girlfriend very much.... i appreciate rap and now that i think i cant say why i didnt like it and what i would change.... but i am more of a rocker.... what the fuck tho....i liked that song! the girlfriend song.... i think u could turn that into a funny/comedy song type thing....like at the beginning saying no no no no n shit.....i think it could be funny as hell! any ideas for it tho......butterface?
  3. I thought "no Girlfriend" was good.

    Obviously it needs length. I think some of the intial raps could have been a bit broader, or maybe touch on other aspects of not needing a girlfriend or something like that to get some length.

    Definitly some good raps though and a good voice.
  4. sooo does that mean 2 people get shout outs in ur new song:p
  5. smoking songs. you need smoking songs.
    edit: weed anthem. like.

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