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Damn 5 Hour Energy

Discussion in 'General' started by x1x1, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. I just tried one for the first time about an hour ago, and now I'm feeling nauesous, this happen to any one else?

    I never drink pop or anything else caffeinated, so maybe that's it.

    Any advice? This sucks.
  2. nah...i drank em and i was fine. they taste terrible though...
  3. did you drink it on an empty stomach? That might be it..try eating something

  4. alright, i'll try that, thanks.
  5. So does it feel like cocaine?
    Haha j/k
    I told my dad that once when we were working.
  6. All 5 hour energy is.. Is a blend of b12 vitamins *energy*, it has no caffeine so that isn't the problem. You most likely drank on a empty stomach, which will defiantly cause upset stomach..Pure vitamins isn't very good if ya know what I mean. If I were you or any user of 5hour energy just go to walmart and by a B5 complex, take it every day with breakfast.. You WILL notice the more energy every day.. And you will save hundreds instead of buying a 3$ B12 drink lmao.. Suckers :p

  7. it actually says it contains "as much caffeine as a cup of premium coffee". but thanks for the other advice anyways.
  8. I'm pretty sure that stuff wreaks havok on your body. I can't stand any of those energy drinks.

    From what I've read, oranges contain more bang for your buck with natural sugars if you need a boost.
  9. what if u smoke sum weed then drink one
    what will happen
    or energy drinks

  10. i don't think anything bad would happen
    it'd probably help my nausea, too bad i'm dry :(

  11. i dont know if you read any posts in this thread, or if you actually believe caffine and b vitamins 'wreck havok' on your body. im not a doctor, but no, just no.

    orange juice doesnt give you anymore energy cause it has 'natural sugars'. natural or not lol, and alot have added sugar anyway.

    just eat a diet full of vitamins, high in some good veggies, and you'll feel better in alot of ways
  12. Ugh I got owned.. My B:wave:
  13. the only way i usually drink energy drinks is only redbull. and i drink them on 2 occasions. one would be if im driving and im falling asleep ill stop and get like 3, and the second is if i smoke a blunt of mids (or shit weed). just so i dont pass out 30 minutes later.

    happy tokin GC
  14. Yeah, it was more like a 24-hour energy shot for me :mad: First and last time Ill drink that shit again
  15. 5 hour energy doesn't do shit for me...I drink a lot of soda but rarely drink energy drinks. the few times I have tried the 5 hour energy I haven't felt energized at all...if i grab an energy drink it gotsta be the cherry amp
  16. agreed! i'm still feelin shitty
    really light headed, the nausea has gone down a bit though
  17. I always said it tastes like rape.
  18. there are legit studies, including Time article, out there that shows that high doses of your herbals and b12's and shit dont actually influence your awakeness or alertness, its more just a pseudo effect and just gets your heart and metabolism moving faster...id agree because i have never noticed any true effect after an energy drink
  19. Only like em when I pour a half g of Meth in and shake it up
  20. yuckeh! I tried a sip of it once, didnt like the cough syrup taste and never fucked with it again... However, ephedrine pills, works wonders for staying awake :)

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