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  1. i cant find any weed. well i can but i dont wanna pay 40 buck for a quarter of mids if i dont have to. and noone else is calling me back.... i just wanted to bitch and moan real quick so thanks for listening.
  2. Being dry definitely sucks. One of the things that drove me to growing my own was the unreliability of dealers. There were times that I worked hard and put a lot of time into trying to get connected with some Cannabis, only to fall flat on my face and be left (not so) high and dry.

    Not a problem anymore. My first harvest has lasted me this entire year, and stands to last me about another two :smoke:

    If you live on your own, you should really consider growing!
  3. 40 bucks for a quarter of mids. thats fucking cheap even for here in toronto.

    would DEFF buy that and hit it up in my vapeski.

    dont know what you're thinking complaining about that. make some firecrackers and get some extra fiber in ya. theres people paying 20bucks a gram of dank. 7grams of mids >> 2 grams of dank imo.
  4. yea, i just usually pay 35 and i only have 45 buck till thursday so im tryin to save my money.
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    Sounds to me like you have to.

    That or..wait until a better deal pops up. Or just don't smoke.

    Seems like a situation where you should just pay $40 though..beats bein dry.

    Wantin/needing to save your money is a good reason to not buy weed but $5 more isn't much of a reason to hold off on buying...it's $5. Stand on the corner with a cup and you'll make that in an hour.

    Like when people tell me they don't wanna pay $25 for a half (shwag) cause they're used to $20..well ok then stay sober. People don't mind spending extra on food sometimes but act like they have a strict regimine for their weed.

    Don't bite the hand that feeds.

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