dammit...that sucked

Discussion in 'General' started by aparker813, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. about halfway through my blunt here i went to grab my cup of water...i thought there was only a little bit in it so i grabbed it real lightly around the bottom. turns out it was full and i just dumped it all over my lap - very cold water so it was quite unpleasant
  2. at least you didnt drop you blunt in there :\
  3. lol if i was halfway through a blunt and that happened i would just say fuck it and keep smoking
  4. Hell a buddy of mine I haven't spoke to in a while has not once but twice taken a freshly rolled blunt, lit it up, goes to ash out the window(we're driving down the road) and let it slip out his hand. The first time I wasn't there but the 2nd time I was and we slammed on brakes and turned around and hunted for like 20 minutes for it. Surprised a cop didn't ask what we were doing cuz it was a major highway in the middle of the day
  5. true that, i'd dry it and smoke again plus i did that to a joint one day my friend bumped me and the water splashed on the joint so i set it down and then forgot it then came back to the kids house, and dried it more then smoked it to the smallest roach i have ever seen so yeah i'd still hit it,

    but it sucked your all wet man, change your clothes you'll be ok

    but what is better is the this guy came to GC to tell us that he dropped water on his pants, sir weed has taken over your life
  6. oh i def. continued smoking...changed my boxers and continued on

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